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Phase's of the moon

No description

Alex Hanley

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Phase's of the moon

By Alex H Phases of the moon The first phase~The new moon The second phase~ The waxing crescent The third phase ~The first quarter The sixth phase ~ The waning gibbous The forth phase ~The waxing gibbous The seventh phase~ The last quarter The eighth phase~The waning crescent At this phase the moon starts to wane ( to go away).The waning gibbous looks like an oval on the left side of the moon.This phase occurs a few days after the full moon. The last quarter occurs seven day's after the full moon.This phase is also know as a half moon because half the moon is lit up. The waning crescent is when the moons left side is lit up in a thin "c" like shape.At this point the moon is on it's last phase of it's 27 day cycle. This is what the new moon looks like. This is what the waxing crescent looks like. This is what the first quarter looks like. During the new moon you can not see the moon.At this time the moon is between the Earth and the Sun.The moon's lit side is faced towards the sun. The waxing crescent is a small , thin backwards "c".Waxing means to get bigger. During the first quarter half the moon shines toward the
Earth.The moon is now finished 1 forth of it's trip around the Earth. This is what the waxing gibbous looks like. Facts The waxing gibbous looks like an oval.Gibbous mean oval.This phase occur a few days after the waxing cresent. The fifth phase~The full moon The full moon looks like a full circle because the full half the moon we see is lit up.The moon does not emit light but reflects it.
The moon emits 7% of the suns light. This is what the full moon looks like. This is what the waning gibbous looks like. This is what the second quarter looks like. Eclipses Lunar eclipse During a lunar eclipse the earth is bolcking the sun's light from reaching the moon.At this time the moon is completely dark. Solar eclipse During the solar eclipse the moon lines up exactly between the sun and the earth.At this time the moon block's the sun's ray's.Although the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun,the moon is also 400 time's closer to earth,so all the sun's light is blocked. This is what the waning crescent looks like. Thanks for watching :) Facts *The moon takes 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, 11.6 seconds to go all the way around the Earth. *The moon is 4.5 billion years old
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