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Chacha House

You can relax in "Chacha House".

Chacha Babu

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of Chacha House

CHachA house You can relax in CHachA house Tea time We have teacher of Chacha dance, and you can try to the dance by free. You can get some things in here.
And these are time of many country in here.
(London, France, Tokyo, New York
and Bei Jing)
Food We have charity bin for Japanese people now. you can drink tea, juice or any thing you like at here.(a cup of tea = 10RMB) website:
http://sakinakamurami.weebly.com/prezi-poll.html By Babu CHachA Tennis Basketball Facilities Tree Ping-pong Gym You can play ping-pong, Basketball, Tennis in CHachA house, and you can exercise by many type of training machine in the gym. contact details mail:chachababu.chahouse@gmail.com Square Clean House Entertainment Dance room Room and rates Bed room Other facilities The house offers suite with a Kingsize of bed, side table, drawer and a TV. So you can watch the TV in the bed.
1person 700RMB per day to stay. (including breakfast and splendid dinner)
If you don't need dinner, cost will change. Dining spaghetti
salad with bean thread noodles
soup Information sites http://www.smartshanghai.com/maps/ It is the fishes, and you can buy and give some fishfood. Concourse You can walk here with your family or friends, and talk with them to relax, refresh.
If you want... You can study science, math, geography etc...only in JAPANESE!! Close by: Many shops are in there. You can buy food in supermarket, You can eat pizza in pizza shop, and you can make cothes in clothes shop. This is a science and technology museum. Here has fake market in below grade. So we can buy fake things in here, but we also can buy not fake things.(sometimes) Fishes http://www.meet-in-shanghai.net/events.php http://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/shanghai/ mobile:1891190298
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