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Copy of Co-Sharing Workspace Business Plan

No description

Marciano Birjmohun

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Co-Sharing Workspace Business Plan

Co-Sharing Workspace Business Plan
Co-Sharing Workplace Business Plan
By Marciano Birjmohun
Why its trending?
Advances in mobile and cloud computing
Younger Professionals distribute work
Financial Projections
Co-Working space to increase by 40% in 2013
36% of co-working space operators plan on opening at least one new location
Majority of profit from memberships
By Patrick;
Example: Environmental Sustainability
Soft cork flooring
Natural clay/concrete walls
Sustainably harvested wood
Specific Components
Pricing Scheme
What is a Co-Sharing Office?
Its a communal office space for people that
don't have an office at home
don't want to be confined by the 9 to 5 hours
a creative environment
Interact with other coworkers
Atmosphere of sharing knowledge and resources
Career Expansion
No large investment in office tools
Kept up to date
Investment and Turnout
2 million THB setting up cost
Large space (Loft type)
A couple of smaller rooms
Near a public transport site
BTS or other PT
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