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Taxation and Social Programs

No description

Riley S

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Taxation and Social Programs

Taxation and $ocial Program$ First of all, what are they? Taxation- When the government collects money in the form of taxes. Social Programs- Public services provided by the government. Which then leads to: $ocial Program$ and Taxation By: Riley Scott In Canada, we have 3 main social programs: Health Care Pensions for Senior Citizens Income Assistance -Every Canadian citizen gets basic health care for free, paid for by provincial and federal taxes. -Canadian citizens, aged 65 and over, who have lived in Canada for over 10 years receive a monthly pension paid for by federal taxes. -Citizens of Canada who can't meet their basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) get aid, paid for by federal and provincial taxes. These are just the 3 main social programs we have here. There are more. But not all countries have as many or even any social programs. It all depends on the opinions of the government. Even within the same country, opinions differ... Different branches of the government use taxes for different things. Political Parties- It's the job of political parties to create
to decide their policies on different issues, including where they stand on having social programs or not. These policies reflect the values of the members in these parties. Political Platforms Let's take a look at the policies of some of the Political Parties of Canada and the U.S. towards social programs. CANADA USA Provincial Federal -In Alberta, taxes are spent on a number of different things, including:
Social Services-i.e. income assistance
The Federal taxes are spent on:
Foreign Affairs/Assistance
Social Services
Other Conservative Party Liberal Party New Democratic Party Doesn't support social programs too much, but supports universal health care
Believes that Canadians pay too much tax, so want to cut taxes down, meaning less social programs put out by the government
Supports many social programs quite strongly
Actively supports health care for everyone and improving it
Believes greatly in providing income assistance to those in need Also heavily supports social programs
Approves strongly of the Canadian health care system, and finding ways to improve it
Prioritizes in improving social programs across the country
Democratic Party Republican Party Supports Social Programs
Supports introducing a health care more available to all citizens
Supports continuing to help senior citizens who need assistance meeting their needs Doesn't support social programs as much
Supports lower taxes, meaning less social programs
Also supports making changes to assistance to senior citizens that will reduce taxes in the long term So basically, taxation and social programs are part of a system that just keeps going. Jobs/Income Individuals Taxes Government Social Programs for you and me
So, the question is, just how much should Canadians support taxation and social programs? There is no real right or wrong answer. Every individual is entitled to his/her own opinion. You can support your opinion by voting.
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