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American Early National Period 1776 - 1840

No description

Kami Jeter

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of American Early National Period 1776 - 1840

American Early National Period
1776 - 1840 Goal of education: *Promote new nation’s freedom and liberties
*Introduce a new way of thinking Educators that changed schools: *Benjamin Franklin
*Thomas Jefferson Contribution of education system: *Benjamin Franklin- opened a secondary school in Philadelphia. It offered a broad range of subjects
*Thomas Jefferson played a major role in educational history; he believed that education was the key to making the newly formed democracy a success.
He wanted to make sure that elementary schools were available without cost How did it shape the future generation: *Helped prepare them for the world and have more knowledge in many subjects By: Kami and Preslie *Most education took place at home.
*Educational opportunities remained limited in less populated areas
*Books were rare and expensive What were the schools like? What did the teachers do and what
were expected of them? * Positive role models to show good citizenship.
* Impacted community and the church.
* Taught citizenship Why is American early national period important? *showed the changing in education
*less religion in school
*showed separation between religion and education. A brief history *Early childhood education was primarily private or religious. *It brought mass schooling and literacy to the nation *primary focus: establish social order and mainstream vast numbers of immigrant children into a common setting How did schools change? *Showed the changing in education by having less religion in school
*Showed the separation between religion and education. Then... Now... Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson Response to concerns of the time period: Franklin:
* Helped schools teach good citizenship
*Opened the first public library
*Started a secondary school
* School was for anyone who could pay tuition fee

*Created the University of Virginia
*Introduced the new ideas about government and equality Then.. Now..
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