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Our Vacation Plan: Seoul, South Korea

No description

Alyssa Heston

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Our Vacation Plan: Seoul, South Korea

Our Vacation Plan:
Seoul, South Korea

Away to seoul yeeeyyyyy.
11668 kilometers
Our Vacation Plan

Map of Trip and Vector
Average speed of drive: about 27 km per hour
Average Speeds of Vacation
Formula to calculate acceleration: (final velocity - initial velocity) divided by time

dRIVE: (27-0)KM DIVIDED BY an estimated 20S
aCCELERATES about 1.4KM/1S^2

fLIGHT: (835-0)KM DIVDED BY an estimated 5 minutes (300s)
Accelerates about 2.9km/s^2

These are all rough estimates, so these results may not be exact
From South Lake to john wayne airport
4980 meters

(Using displacement length)
About 6km from southlake to John Wayne airport
about 12,880km from john wayne airport to seoul

\^0^\ /*0*/
Displacement is 12,880km
Average speed of flight: about 845 km per hour
Average speed of entire trip: about 835 km per hour
Seoul <3
"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." ~ Tim Cahill
^w^ *0*
(^-^) \*v*/
Graph of Distance vs. Time
and Speed vs. Time
Rough estimates of the vacation, courtesy of ms paint

Our Drive

Seoul is the capital city of south korea, home to over 25.6 million people. With its many popular attractions such as: lotte world, the Moonlight rainbow fountain, carribean bay and many k-pop groups, it is sure to welcome many tourists from all around the world~

Now for a taste of korea
courtesy of youtube channel: eat your kimchi
...Including us.
patbingsu, ddeokbokki, kimbap, beef bulgogi, Mujigae ddeok, etc...
Notice me senpai...
Direction: east
Direction: Slightly north, east
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