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Trial #2

PLAN 2040 Compliance Committee

Dana Johnson

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Trial #2

Kickoff Meeting Establish responsibility for each objective Final Adoption Planning Commission recommendation for adoption - November 2013 Atlanta Regional Commission PLAN 2040 COBB COUNTY COMPLIANCE
COMMITTEE Initial Review of ARC Materials Review materials Next Steps Complete compliance action that we have been provided authorization to pursue Determine schedule and ensure completion in sufficient time to assist cities Determine likelihood in county meeting mandatory and excellence thresholds Recommendations reviewed by the Chairman, Board of Commissioners, and County Manager for guidance and direction Review actions and compliance requirements Completes the necessary compliance documentation Forward all compliance documentation to Community Development for the final report Board of Commissioners adoption and authorization to submit to the Atlanta Regional Commission - December 2013 Acceptance by the Atlanta Regional Commission Board of Directors - July 2014 Cobb County maintenance of our "Qualified Local Government" status with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Compliance Committee Membership Objective #1 - Improve mobility for people and goods
Laraine Vance and Nadine Bennett-Darby Objective #2 - Foster a healthy, educated, well trained, safe, and secure population
Keehren Baah Objective #3 - Promote places to live with easy access to jobs and services
Phillip Westbrook and Sharon Qin Objective #4 - Improve energy efficiency while preserving the region’s environment
Mandy Elliott Objective #5 - Identify innovative approaches to economic recovery and long term prosperity
Michael Hughes and Catherine Brown WHAT IS PLAN 2040? ARC Regional Development Plan and Regional Transportation Plan How does this impact Cobb County? Local Government Implementation Plan Atlanta Regional Commission will report to the GA Department of Community Affairs regarding compliance Cobb County's "Qualified Local Government" status will be renewed once compliance is reported Recommend actions for Cobb County leaders to consider Policies and actions to show Cobb County's efforts to assist in implementing PLAN 2040 Cobb County's six cities can take credit on their compliance report for county wide actions we undertake Board of Commissioner
Work Session Receive direction from the Board of Commissioners on the avenue for Compliance Minimum Compliance
Excellence Certification Compliance Avenues Minimum Compliance or Excellence Certification Minimum Compliance

Verify all Required level items
Verify 1/2 of Advances level items Excellence Certification

Point system of scoring requiring 15 points for each objective
Total score of 90 points or more Excellence Certification 2040+ Community incentives

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Lifelong Communities
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