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Pathways (CLB 6/5) Edit

No description

Ashley Wilson

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Pathways (CLB 6/5) Edit

While you are in CLB 7 it's recommended you:
Decide what your career goal is
Find out what the requirements are to get into your career or course
Take any tests necessary to get into the program you need (Upgrading, EAP)
Obtain your transcripts (IQAS)
You may want to consider applying for learner benefits (funding)
Go to Upgrading if:
You do not have a High School Diploma from any country
You have a career goal, but don't have the math or science requirements for the program
Example: You want to go into the Administrative Professional certificate but you do not have the math requirement
You do not have any documents (transcripts) to show that you have completed high school or post-secondary and
cannot get them**
You must register for a test (go to the Reg office)
Take the test by the end of September to give you enough time to decide your next step after you get your results

10 weeks of full-time, in-class, employment-related training for skilled immigrants who have a Canadian language benchmark of 6+
6 weeks of professional work experience that can lead to a Canadian reference
An additional 6 months of follow-up support, including continued job search assistance.

The CRTP office is located on the 4th Floor of North Campus
Corporate Readiness Training Program
Go to EAP if:
You have a career goal
You have a High School Diploma
You want more English to continue schooling (Example: you intend to go on to a career course at BVC or SAIT)
Entrance requirements:
You must take a test to get into the EAP program
You will register together as a class, and the test will be during class time
For individuals wishing to return to the same field they previously worked in and
require a license or professional designation
to work in this field
Examples: Any health care profession, teacher, engineer, etc
Directions for Immigrants can assist with this process (West campus, second floor)
Licensing requirements can also be found on the ALIS website
Career Program
How to get more information about choosing a career program:
's Occupational Profiles to get information on choosing a career
Alberta Learning Information Service
Each institution has a website where information about their programs can be found including entrance requirements
Meet with a counselor at BVC
Important to find out about the application timeline
Have your transcripts assessed by the institution you would like to attend.
Equivalence assessed by the Alberta government-IQAS International Qualifications Assessment Service
Educational IQAS is intended for those who are wanting to pursue additional education
Alberta High School Courses
(Academic admission requirements)
Grade 10
English 10-1
English 10-2
Math 10C
Science 10
Science 14
Grade 11
English 20-1
English 20-2
Math 20-1
Math 20-2
Biology 20
Chemistry 20
Science 20
Grade 12
English 30-1
English 30-2
Math 30-1
Math 30-2
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Science 30
EAP program
English for Academic Purposes
Admission processes/requirements
Documentation (Transcripts)
Career options - where to get information
Paying for school
Admission Requirements
All career programs will have two admission requirements
Academic admission requirements (high school classes)
English Language Proficiency
An example:

Business Administration Diploma
Credit in
30-1 or 65 % in
30-2 or equivalent
Credit in Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or equivalent
GED with 520 in Language Arts and Math

Satisfactory results on the BVC Admissions test
AND English
Language Proficiency
In General, there are two options:

Obtain a new credential for a new career OR
Use your previous training to return to the same career
You can check to see if your high school classes meet the academic requirements in two ways:
Bow Valley College
Applications for career programs at BVC open 13 months in Advance
Submit your transcripts
Alert the admissions office once you are completing your requirements
Program start Applications for the Fall term
usually open in October. Please check the website
for more information.
Academic upgrading classes taken at BVC can be used to meet English language proficiency. However, ELL classes cannot be used to meet Academic requirements
For example: English 30-1 can be used to show English Language proficiency for the Business Administration program at BVC.
Academic English 2 CANNOT be used to demonstrate English 30-1 (or any academic requirement at BVC.)

You're almost done your English language training!
Paying for school
What options are available to help you
pay for school or support you while you
attend school?
Alberta Works Learner Benefits
Student Loans
What should I do next?
What is the most efficient way to reach my goal?
How can I get financial assistance?
Job types
In general, there are two job types:
jobs require that a person working in that job meets certain standards and hold a license
jobs may have different requirements between employers and generally do not have a licensing body

Regulated Jobs
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