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Station models and Weather surface maps

No description

Makenna Murphy

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Station models and Weather surface maps

Station models and Weather surface maps
By: Makenna M. Eli W. and Jacob D.
Explanation of station model
Components of weather surface map
Station model
Displays data from many different weather measurements for a particular location it uses numbers and symbols to display data and observations from surface reports and upper air reports
Components of a Station
Wind speed and direction
sky coverage
high clouds
middle clouds
low clouds
Weather surface map
a map or chart depicting the meteorological conditions over a specific geographic area at a specific time


Pressure systems
Freezing precipitation Fronts
Comparing the two
Weather surface map
Satiation model
Shows weather on a small scale map
Shows weather on a larger scale map
Is less detailed
Is more detailed
Is of a state or town
Is of a country or world
Science text book 473
474 sr46
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