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Global Climate Change

The easiest and fastest way to solve the problem of global climate change.

Philippe Blanchette

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Global Climate Change

Climate Change A.K.A Global Warming A.K.A the End of the world as we know it!!! A Presentation proposing the easiest and fastest way to stop the Ice caps from melting, oceans from rising and ozone from depleting. The Culprit? Fossil Fuels So how do we stop... The ice caps from melting? The Oceans from rising? The Ozone hole? Answer: Stop using Fossil fuels What!?!? HOw!?!? Impossible!!! Advantages Cleaner Air No Cars No cars= more walking, biking, running.
More walking, biking running= less... Abandoning fossil fuels forces us to develop new forms of cleaner energy like... Decrease dependance on forgien oil Increase Domestic production Disadvantages Reversal of Globalization No power for a while... But it builds character.
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