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keerthiga Shanmugabalan

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

The setting took place in the modern days, it was futuristic.
The Dauntless Compound where the initiation takes place. This is where Beatrice takes Training and will find out if she will be a member or faction less. Its important to have a faction because the faction will tell you who are and the character trait. It's underground and it has a pit. It near a chasm and sear tower.
The Setting of Divergent takes place in Chicago,dived into 5 factions, Abnegation, Condor, Erudite , Dauntless and Amity.
The main conflict, the Erudite are planning to throw over the Abnegation the Government. The Erudite Leader Jeanine wants the authority and power to control all faction. She's using the mind controlled Dauntless because the Erudite aren't trained and strong. It's up to the divergent to stop them, because they can immune to the simulations. Four and Beatrice, are trying to stop them because they can't stand their Old factions being shot down, but Four was injected by a powerful serum that can control Divergent. It's up to Beatrice to stop the simulation and help Four. And she was being drowned and needs a way out, and her mom comes to save her and sacrifice her life to save her daughter.
Beatrice sends the rest of the Abnegation survivor to Amity (the Peaceful) before going to the Dauntless compound, to save the ones that are being murdered by each mind controlled Dauntless. Tobias fought off the simulation that was injected in him. They stop the simulations and stores the data in a computer drive so it can't be reused and the Dauntless Soldiers were released from the Erudite mind control and standing there feeling confused. Caleb, Marcus, Four and Beatrice jump on the train to head to Amity to safety. This is not the end, because there's more in the series and this is the first book.
Synopsis:Main Character
,know as Tris is a 16 years old girl and she found out that's she's a divergent after her result of the aptitude test. She has a qualities of all five factions expect the Candor(honest), she cant be controlled. She is brave, selfless and intelligent. She betrayed her family, to be who she is, to be expressed because her old faction Abnegation thinks about others and is selfless.

By: Keerthiga
The book I'm doing is Divergent written by Veronica Roth. It's a series.The genre of this book is Romance, Fantasy, action and adventure. This book mainly talks about Beatrice how she wants to be and what is her identity and what he has done to find it. Veronica Roth wrote this when she was suppose to do class work at Northwestern University. Now she's a full time writer.
This book involves two main character Beatrice and Four.
The main theme of this book is finding who you really are, the identity, even if it mean leaving your family behind.
The Five Factions
The honest
The Selfless
The Intelligent
The Brave
The Peaceful
Key Plot Events
Key Plot Events
Beatrice lives with her brother Caleb, her mother and father. She's a Abnegation (Selfless). The city is divided into five factions, the ancestors made this rule to prevent having war and to be as one and peaceful.
All 16 years,they must go through the aptitude test and will tell them what faction to choose. This test is based on their personality and who they really are.
Her result was that she's a Divergent. The Tester named Tori changed her test mark as an Abnegation because she knows how dangerous it is to be a DIVERGENT. You get killed if people discover it.
Beatrice chooses Dauntless over Abnegation and her brother Caleb changes to an Erudite. Leaving their parents behind.
Key Plot Events
Beatrice give her self a nickname "Tris",to hide her Abnegation background and to be able to suite the life of a Dauntless.She meet Will and Christina her best friends during initiation and creates a relationship with Four.
There are three stages and if you don't make it through you'll be faction less. The first stage is combat and defend. The second Stage is a simulation test and the last is Fear Landscape to face your fears..
Tris places 1st in the initiation rank and now is truly a Dauntless and know who really Four is and his real name is Tobias. She has worked hard and was determined to be a member so she can be safe.
Key Plot Events
Jeanine Matthews is from the Erudite, who is planning to have war with the Abnegation with the help of Dauntless who were mind controlled by the simulations. The leaders of Dauntless agreed and lied to the members that the mind controlling device is a tracker because they knew that the Dauntless members won't agree.
She lying and making up story that was false about the Abnegation, so the other factions would help them and agree to the plan. She wanted to have power and authority because the government are the Abnegation.
Key Plot Events
She's using the Dauntless to kill the Innocent Abnegation, but Tris and Tobias aren't being controlled because their Divergent. They immune to the simulation.They were Captured by the Dauntless Leaders when they tried to escape.
Jeanine made a powerful stimulant that can control Divergent. She tested it on Four and she succeed. They took him to the Dauntless Base, the control Room.
Jeanine puts Tris in a water Chamber, she was trying to drown her, because she was no use because she was hurt. This was one of her fears in the fear landscape.She put her mind in it and broke the glass, but this was real.
Key Plot Events
As she thought she was going to die and then her mom came to the rescue. They escaped and she found out that her mom one of the selfless was a Divergent. Her mom died trying to save her.
Tris, Caleb, Marcus (Tobias father) and Beatrice Father had made a plan. They went to the Dauntless compound to shut down the simulation. On her way to the control room a Dauntless shoots Beatrice father and killed him.
Tris found Tobias in the control room and he faced the simulation because Beatrice talking to him and encouraging him to be free from the simulation. Tobias get all the data from the control room , storing it in the computer hard drive, so it won't be used again They turn off the simulation.
They all get on the train, heading to Amity because that's where the remaining of Abnegation were, their safe for now, but not for long.
Human Vs Human
Human vs Himself
Through out this book , Beatrice struggles to decide what's her identity , and who she really is. As she picked Dauntless over her family she felt guilty and sad that she and her brother betrayed her family.
When Beatrice had to face the 7 fears in her fear landscape. This is all the emotional to face. One of her fear is to kill her family with a gun, instead she pointed the gun at her because she can't do it, but she passed that stage, because pointing a gun at herself and is a acting like a Dauntless.
Human Vs Nature
When Beatrice had to jump out the Hancock Building using the Zip line, using the power of the nature to steer and to believe the Dauntless, she had to pull down a liver to drop and be caught by all the Dauntless Born initiates.
is also known as four, he is a Dauntless, brave and he is a instructor for all the transfers that came to Dauntless. He is known as four because he only four fears.He is 18 years old and is a son of an Abnegation. He is also a Abnegation Transfer.He fell in love with Beatrice, and she did too.
When Beatrice was learning combat and defense, she was beaten up by Peter , leaving her with scars because this was all new to her, she was weak.
The second time she went on the ring, it was with Molly a girl who embarrassed her and peter's friend, she had beaten her, with bruises and a black eye. Her rank got higher after this match.
Beatrice was shot on the shoulder when trying to escape with Four, trying to help her Old faction and trying to stop the madness of Erudite.
I think it was a good ending, because after this conflict Beatrice found who she really is, not a Abnegation, or Dauntless. She's a Divergent. They stopped the simulation and this is an evidence to theme. The theme to identity what you are and she know where she belongs , the five faction is what she is. I would recommend this book to all of you because it keeps you interested and deeply wrote.
1. Why do you think factions are important?
2. What others themes could you think than identity?
3.What you think Tris would be like if she picked Erudite instead of Dauntless?
4. Why is Tiobias named Four?
The End
Thanks For Listening
Analyzing and Conflict
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