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Eleanor & Park (RBracy)

Written by Rainbow Rowell Annotated by Roger Bracy

Roger Bracy

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Eleanor & Park (RBracy)

Eleanor & Park MY Reflection by Rainbow Rowell Annotation #1: Point of View Readers will read this quote and go into a whirl wind of Park finally admitting some interest in the new girl Eleanor. As she questioned him about his music, he tried to tell her about his favorite bands. This can conclude Park of being flattered by her asking about his music and that Eleanor is not so shy after all. Finally the tight tension has been broken. The theme of pursue what make you happy is present in this story, as Park shows this by sharing his music. Annotation 2: Theme The struggles between Park's and Eleanor's communication is one of the many reasons why these two couldn't get to know each other. As park still refuses to talk to the new girl for more than a bus ride. He hopes the new plan of leaving music tapes and comics will bait her into him giving him the opportunity to talk about stuff he knows. Annotation 3:Symbolism My Reading History Annotation 4: Main Idea This book is told from both Eleanor's and Park's point of view. Which allows the reader to view both sides of this new relationship early on in the book. This exact quote is told from Park's view. The section is labeled "Park" (signifying his thoughts) then shows that he notices the new girl, Eleanor, looking at his comic books. As are reader, I could understand most of the thoughts and feeling coming from Park in this section. Readers can feel as though the author is giving them insight into the minds of their characters. Reading this quote, readers can infer that one of the main ideas of this story, for Park at least, is to never let himself or his peers get in the way of his happiness. Holding hands? The like between Eleanor and Park has grown, the two enjoyed a whole bus ride with their hands interlocked. Park's nervousness is gone, or if there was any, it would be the last time he'll ever feel embarrassed around Eleanor and his Bus-mates again. "Eleanor and Park" is the perfect example of teen's experience with first love. These two teens story was told in the era of the late 1980's. "Eleanor and Park" is the prime example of don't judge a book by it's cover. Once they got to know one another love was the definition of their relationship. Eleanor is a weird, eclectic, spunky, hard working red haired girl. Her life has many obstacles but love conquers all. Park is a black haired asian kid, that is to himself. He is mostly cool calm and collected. He doesn't mind what people say, but about his love he doesn't play. by Roger Bracy Annotation 5: Symbolism The "I'll kill you" in this quote is symbolism for Park's passion for Eleanor. Although Park won't kill his bother, he will protect "Big red" til the end. This quote shows how the relationship has grown, the amount of times he says he will kill his brother he will do the same amount for protection his love for Eleanor. Annotation 6: Connections Communication, has plagued this relationship form the start, this quote reminds readers that relationships don't happen without communication. Eleanor misunderstands Park as he tries to complement her. This comes out hard and frustrated and influences her frustrated response The communication is bad as the two split up for the night they planned to stay together. This can compare to the movie "Why did I Get Married?" as the couples in that movie always misunderstood each other, and argued throughout the movie. Annotation 7: Main Idea The Idea of fight for what you love comes up to readers with this quote. Park's determination to make Eleanor's life at the new school and their relationship perfect, is major influence to fight Steve one of parks friends on the bus. Eleanor insisted on Park letting it go, but the hero in him over powered the suggestion. He fights and proves his love and protection for her as after the fight he yells "...that's my girlfriend Jesus!" Annotation 8: Eleanor's needs for Park run through her mind. The book telling this quote through Eleanor's point of view, gives readers in site on how much she wants her boyfriend. The strong passion she has shows true here as she wonders about Parks passion. She wonders about parks feeling as the move deeper into the future of the relationship. Putting these type of quotes of thoughts from the character explain more about Eleanor that wasn't revealed about her Refection 1. How do you feel about choosing a book vs. assigned reading? How have these options influenced your reading in school vs. in your free time?

I feel like choosing a book is always better than assigned reading because you can adjust to the genre better. This makes it easier in school and easier at home because it is a book that I will like reading and spend time with. 2. Have you ever been labeled a “struggling” reader? How about an “advanced” reader? What did this do to your reading?

I've been labeled as advanced in reading in my elementary days, this gave me confidence that I would need to read more to maintain this status as a reader. 3. How is reading treated in your house? Does your approach to reading “match” what your family does?

When I was younger my mother would read stories to me and my sister. We read in our house not all the time with book sometimes magazines. My approach to reading is the same as my family, as we all enjoy a good book I Understand now that my connection with the book helps me gain knowledge about the deeper meaning; without that connection I don't have that. To improve my reading in the future I have to find connections with in the theme of my book. I thing my reading history is on the up rise as, I have found interest in more books an I'm starting find my reading happy place. Reading History Quarter 2 Benchmark
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