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College Application Process Overview Juniors

Vocational Orientation, College Search, SAT Test, ACT Test, College applications, Common Application, Naviance,


on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of College Application Process Overview Juniors

Approach teachers early Letters of recommendation Give teachers your resume "Would you be willing to write a very strong letter of recommendation ..." GPA GPA Conversion Table Example 1 Example 2 Grading Scale
Percentage GPA IB andHonors
97-100 4.33 5.33
93-96 4.00 5.00
90-92 3.67 4.67
87-89 3.33 4.33
83-86 3.00 4.00
80-82 2.67 3.67
77-79 2.33 3.33
73-76 2.00 3.00
70-72 1.67 2.67
Below 70 00 Lincoln School DOES NOT report ranking to colleges Ranking College assess the student's credentials in context. Activities and service - What interests you most? Committed Empathic Generous Perseverant Entrepreneur Driven Paying for college Financial aid Scholarships Merrit Need Need blind Need aware From the admissions standpoint International Student Financial Aid App FAFSA www.fafsa.gov 1.MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Massachusetts
2.Harvard University in Massachusetts
3.Princeton University in New Jersey
4.Yale University in Connecticut
5.Dartmouth College in New Hampshire
6.Amherst College in Massachusetts Family Connection Academic atmosphere
Major offered
Country, region, weather
Financial aid / scholarships available
Greek life
Clubs and organizations
Athletics 1. Define your criteria Start a new chapter in life
Define yourself as an adult
The big payback
Keep things in perspective Why is college important for me? Naviance Family Connection
SAT Test Prep registration
Upcoming college visits
College application essay Agenda Brainstorming Use criteria to search the largest college database
Track college applications and supporting documents
Research careers and related majors
Take a personality test
Communicate with college representatives, search scholarships, enrichment programs, and more. Based on: GPA
Special talent Soccer Roots and Shoots Basketball Lincoln School 834250 Costa Rica Address here! Name as stated on your passport X Based on: Based on: Keep samples of your best papers and assignments Participate actively in class and keep a good rapport with teacher and classmates What three words describe you best? "Do you feel you know me well enough, and do you have enough time to write a supportive letter of recommendation for me to... " will allow you to 2. Rank your criteria 4 year college
Financial aid / scholarships available
Major offered
Academic atmosphere
Country, region, weather
Clubs and organizations
Greek life Use Family Connection SuperMatch Refine, Refine Refine Competitive WELCOME
CLASS OF 2014 How many colleges and universities are there in the US?
What is a college?
What is a university
What kinds of degrees do they offer?
AA (2-year programs)
BA/BS (4-year programs)
MA/MS/MBA/Med., etc. (2-3 year programs)
PhD/MD/JD, etc. (3-4+ year programs)
What is a liberal arts institution? Structure of US Higher Education
Learn a profession
Access to cutting edge technology
Become independent
Meet new and interesting people
Learn about a different culture
To learn 0000 Not found BA or BS Lincoln School 06/15/2013 X Barrio Socorro Heredia 834250 Alberto Cordoba Alberto Cordoba acordoba@lincoln.ed.cr 506 22476600 506 2247-0080 Costa Rica 1919-1000 03/1999 www.collegeboard.com Testing www.actstudent.org Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? Alberto Cordoba,
College Counselor
Lincoln School "Techo" Student Government LMUN Bienvenidos
Padres de 2013 Alberto Cordoba,
College Counselor
Lincoln School Cultural differences reaction fromparents ambiente de estudio
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