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No description

Xavier Mitchell

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Zeus

Zeus God of gods and mortals
God of all titans and head of olympus
Born 700 BC
Son of Kronos
Kronos and
After Kronos overpowered his father, Uranus, he too became corrupt and started devoring his children whole. So soon later Rhea had another child Zeus who was born and raised on crete until he was fully grown.
Kronos and Zeus the war
After confronting this father by poisoning his drink causing Kronos to vomit up his other children. He was declared war upon by Kronos. The war lasted ten years neither side had won or lose so Zeus rounded up his brothers Posieden and Hades and went to the under world to recruit the cyclops. After the cyclops were rescued the gave each brother a gift Zeus got a lightning bolt, Posieden a trident, and hades a helm of invisibility.After returning tothe surface they found that the weapons given to them were just what they needed to win the war
Zeus's Role
Zeus is the God of gods.He resides on top of Mount Olympus. He is the god responsible for keeping man and god for engaging in war. He is the most respected god in greek mythology and his reign was greatest seen before our time.
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