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Group A Final Project

No description

Earl Bagwell

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Group A Final Project

Director - Felicia Carnell
Production Manager- Matthew Brown
Executive Producer-Earl Bagwell
Cinamatography - Emannuel Brown
Art Director - Frederick Carlock
Works Cited
Thor returned to Asgard to get his belt which has no name. The origin of the belt is still a mystery, but it doubles his strength. Thor took some time to investigate where the creature came from. He was only able to find out that the creature is older than the worlds as he knew them. There was some one behind its appearance on Midgard.
Thor returned to Midgard to face off against the creature again. This time Thor had to defeat the creature without the power of lighting. This was going to be an old-school match of brawn and skill. In order to know what happens you have to watch the movie.

Asgard, a world unlike any other known by man, lives the Aesir gods. Chief of the Aesir is Odin who travels the cosmos seeking and giving wisdom. Odin had a son Thor, god of thunder who was the protector of Asgard from the Giants. Asgard is connected to Midgard, world of man, by a Bifrost, rainbow bridge which allows the Aesir gods to travel from world to world. Thor quickly became legend on Midgard by the protection he had been providing from the evils of that world. However, Thor’s legend would be put to the ultimate test in order to save Midgard.
Under a cleverly devised plan by the Giant King that was cloaked under a magical spell he sent an ancient enemy of the Aesir to Midgard.
In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean was the fishing vessel “Jenny.” As they were pulling in their net to process the daily catch, the winch line came to a grinding halt as if snagged something. As the crew begins to assess the problem and look for solutions, the vessel began to slowly tip to the port side as if being pulled under. As the crew is frantically trying to correct the problem, out from the water came what looked like the tongue of a snake but black, it was as tall as the Eiffel Tower. The tip of the tongue was split and as it began to move rapidly towards the center of the ship, a massive volt of electricity sparked between the tips. As it smashed into the ship the volt of electricity sparked and the vessel exploded throwing one of the crew off the ship. There was nothing but pieces left of the vessel and there was only the one survivor who was thrown from the vessel.
Thor had been traveling between Asgard and Midgard quite frequently and was on Asgard during the time of the attack on the “Jenny.” Upon his return to Midgard word had spread about the vessel but there were no details of what happened. The people begun to speculate about the disappearance until one day the survivor washed up on shore. As told his tale, word spread like wild fire quickly reaching the ear of Thor. Thor was not entirely sure of what the creature was but was filled with confidence he can quickly dispatch the creature. Thor, with his mighty hammer, flew into action searching for the creature. Little did Thor know the creature could sense him and was prepared when Thor arrived. Thor hit the beach of an unexplored island with a thunderous force, creating an enormous cloud of dust. The creature was not impressed, it was thirsty for destruction.
The battle ensued as they matched blow for blow. Thor began to wonder where the creature obtained its strength as any creature born of Midgard was no match for the God of Thunder. Thor was getting angry and started to summon some lighting to use it against the creature. This is the moment the creature had been waiting for, as Thor blasted the creature with the lighting the creature absorbed the lighting. The creature stretched its tongue into the air and with a thunderous blow the creature struck the island and exploded with the force of three atomic bombs thanks to the absorbed energy from Thor’s lighting. The explosion sent Thor hurling high into the air, unconscious heading towards certain doom. Miraculously Thor regained consciousness avoiding doom but was wounded.
The God of Thunder, the protector of Bifrost takes on a strange enemy never seen before. Midgard, the world of man is attacked by this creature who takes a fishing vessel under, leaving only one survivor to be found days later. He spoke about the horrors he had seen which soon Thor informed of. He took his mighty hammer and set out to find this terrible creature in order to stop him and save the people, unknowing that the creature he set out to destroy was more than ready for his appearance. A battle ensues that leaves Thor wounded, refusing to surrender.
- Written by Anonymous
The son of Odin once again shows his true protective instincts in a film that showcases an outrageous battle between good and evil. As Thor hears of an attack on the world of man, Midgard, he sets out to destroy this creature that is surprisingly ready and waiting for the God of Thunder to make his appearance. This evil creature starts off winning the battle, but as most know Thor always wins the war, or will he this time?
- Written by FRC
Thor sets out to save the world once again, only this time with a creature ready to take on the God of Thunder in ways he was never prepared for. On Midgard, a fishing vessel is taken under by an unknown creature from the water, leaving only one survivor to wash up days later to tell the tale. Thor and his mighty hammer begin the battle to save this world from this creature before more damage is done, only this evil being came prepared. The God of Thunder is wounded from the beginning, but perseveres into battle stronger and not willing to lose.
- Written by IMDBUser3
"Thor." Norse Mythology for Smart People. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Dec. 2016. <http://norse-mythology.org/gods-and-creatures/the-aesir-gods-and-goddesses/thor/>.
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I could not take my eyes off that hunk of a man. Every time Thor (John Roll-Coster) was on the screen I almost couldn’t breath. He is the perfect example of a Thunderous God.
- Ineeda Job from Story River.com gives it 4 stars
I really enjoyed the action and the easy to follow story line. This film really brings Wonder Comics founder, Ima Wimp, adaptation of the Norse Gods to the big screen. This movie is an hour and 55 minutes of fun and excitement. Take the family sit back and enjoy.
- Dil Pickle from The Worst City Era gives it 3.5 stars
It won’t win any Academy Awards but it is a fun movie to go see and forget about reality for awhile.
- Bob Apples from Spoiled Vegetables gives it 3.5 stars
This movie is a colossal failure. The story line is weak with cheap muscle man banter among the characters. It is another failed attempt by Ima Wimp of Wonder Comics to reinvent the already or played story of the mythic gods. Had Wimp stuck to the original story of the Norse Gods this movie had great potential.
- Ernie from Tumbling Rock Magazine gives it two thumbs down
What was Thor powerful weapon used to fight his enemies?
His tool was a trusty hammer, imbued with magical power and can only be hoisted by the go himself. He relied on his muscles and a simple tool to overcome the fiercest enemies.
Thor was the son of whom? His Parent’s Name…
He was the son of Odin and Fyorgyn, the earth goddess.
Give 3 personal appearance Facts about Thor…

Thor was a red-haired, long bearded half-giant. Completely different from the neatly groomed Marvel version
Who was Thor married too and what was she linked to as a goddess? (Her ability)
His wife was Sif, a goddess also linked to fertility.
What was Thor’s power and who was he most compared too?
Thor’s power was his strength, much like that of the Greek Hercules
What other tool did Thor have beside his Hammer?
Beyond his hammer, Thor also had a magical belt (named Megingjoro) which doubled his strength
What kind of God was Thor to be considered as?
Thor was considered the storm-weather god of the sky and thunder and also a fertility god.
"Thor Fighting Midgard Snake, 1788, by Johann Heinrich Fussli (1741-1825), Oil on Canvas, 131x91 Cm." Bridgeman Images, edited by Bridgeman Images, 2014. Credo Reference, http://ezproxy.apus.edu/login?url=http://search.credoreference.com/content/entry/bridgemandeag/thor_fighting_midgard_snake_1788_by_johann_heinrich_fussli_1741_1825_oil_on_canvas_131x91_cm/0. Accessed 25 Dec 2016.
Thor. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Norse mythology club tagged: thor mythology norse mythology norse fan art.
God of Thunder by WesTalbott Watch
Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Digital / Books & Novels©2010-2016 WesTalbott
Thor (stage 3) by m0zch0psWatch
Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Illustrations / Conceptual©2013-2016 m0zch0ps
norse mythology | Norse mythology Jormungand: pinterest
Medieval Thor - Concept Art by Vlad Marica : Pinterest
Mythology HD Wallpapers Free Download › Unique HDQ Pics
Contribution Page
User Comments: Felicia Carnell
Matthew Brown

Photo Gallery: Frederick Carlock

Trivia: Emannuel Brown

Video Review: Matthew Brown

Synopsis: Earl Bagwell

Presentation: Entire Group A

www.ancient.eu/Thor   Thor- Ancient History Encyclopedia
http://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/04/09/viking-mythology-thor/   Thor-Lessons from Norse Mythology
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