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Scary activities

No description

Direct English

on 6 November 2018

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Transcript of Scary activities

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Scary activities
Warm up
Practice the questions below with your partner and then share with the class
Expostion time
Practice with your partner and then go to the front to share with everyone.
Job interview questions
Practice with all your classmates the following question, give your very best
Grammar review
Review the grammar below with your trainer and put it in practice
Here are
some extra assets :
Learn some new words that can be used when talking about scary moments
After this lesson students will be able to :
- Talk about scary experiences
- Give your opinion about this topic
- Share their scariest moment in life
Simple past tense
Do you believe paranormal events exist? why yes or not?

What has been the most scary moment you have lived?

What would you do if your coach suddenly becomes a zombie?

Freak out:

Out of nowhere:


Pass out:

Haunted house:


Please in 2 minutes write down 3 sentences with the new words you've learned
Prepare an exposition about the movie you have been scared the most when you watched it.
Exposition must be in past or past continuous and has to be for at least 1 minute and 0 seconds
Everyone please get up, you already know what to do, please get up and rotate when you are done.
Tell me your favorite movie in 1 minute, then rotate, include character drama and ending of the movie.
Subject+Verb( Simple Past)+Complement
Cont. Form:
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