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Power to Recommend Legislation

No description

Markus Taylan

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Power to Recommend Legislation

Power to Recommend Legislation
- The power to suggest laws(legislation).
- It's important because the President
serves the whole country, so he cho-
oses laws that help the whole country.
Youngtown Sheet
Tube Co.
- In the Korean War, President Truman
wanted to seize steel mills because he
didn't want strikes by steelworkers.
- The court stated that "the President's
power to see that laws are faithfully
executed refutes the idea that he is to
be a lawmaker."
Veto Power
Regular Veto- Veto that can be cancelled by Congress by 2/3 votes of each house(House of Representatives and Senate)
Pocket Veto- Veto that can't be be canceled.
Important because it allows the president to strain the power of Congress.
Example: James Madison, first President to use a Pocket Veto about Federal Public Work, and Congress couldn't return the bill(law) with 2/3 the votes.
Power to call Congress Into Special Session
Example: John Adams in 1797, convened the House and The senate 27 times for war, economic emergency, and critical legislation.
It's important to recollect the powers of the U.S.
To meet about complications, depredation(attacking or plundeng
Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons
Pardon- the forgiving or being forgiven for an error or defense.
Reprieve- the cancelling or postponement of the punishment of someone or punishment over all.
It's important so that he could unify the country because it was in danger of being split. But this is being less and less true as we time goes by. It's also important because what he pardons and reprieves reflects what he feels is not necessary.
Commutation- the action or process of commuting(reducing a judicial sentence).
Amnesty- an official pardon for those who have been convicted(declared) of political defense.
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