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career shadow/dsp

Career Shadowing

Parker Smith

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadow/dsp

Douglas Screenprinting Inc. Douglas Screenprinters make signs for businesses and the community The main customers are local businesses, school's and small companies The purpose of this company is to provide
good quality signs to those businesses for their profit. This company is looking for expansion into
neighboring communities The job requirements are a High School diploma and Computer Design degree. Starting wages are $10 and above The computer software used are Microsoft Excell & Microsoft Publisher Communication skills are a must, good hygein, politeness, machinery skills, good with math, and accounting skills. I would persue a career with this company in the printing office upstairs disigning the software for posters and signs The only thing I would change would be to warm up the working areas. This company is trying my suggestion of recycling bins for soda cans www.dsp.com By: Parker Smith This company provides the service
of posters, signs, facia, car skins and decals, ect...
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