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innovation management

managing the new product development process

Chel Chung

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of innovation management

"frog" design How do frog's activities affect its ability to
(a) maximize the fit with
customer needs?
(b) minimize development
cycle time?
(c) control development costs? what are the advantages and disadvantages of involving customers fairly early in the design process? What are the pros and cons of using computer-aided design/manufacturing(CAD/CAM) and photorealistic renderings instead of functional prototypes in the development process? Discover 1970s 1980s 1990s Disign Deliver Would frog’s approach be moresuitable for some kinds ofdevelopment projects than others?
If so, what kinds would it beappropriate or inappropriate for? "Form follows emotion”
“iteration" A. Frog assemble a multidisciplinary team.

B. The frog process of new product development conduct idea stage, product design, engineering, production, graphics, logos, packaging. Louis Vuitton Apple Disney Would frog’s approach to
product development be effective in a firm that
primarily manufactured,
marketed, and distributed
its own products? The frog process a)Done survey and experiments with potential customers. Advantages (a) More feedback from potential customers
(b) Save a lot of time in development process
(c) Better design Disadvantages Narrow preferences b) Frog assembled multidisciplinary team and also has its own production line. c) By corporation with potential consumers and rudimentary prototypes, it can control the development cost. Rudimentary prototypes, sketches, and digital renderings compare to functional prototypes are both more malleable and far less expensive. Design of the year in 1984 Not only
product management Old time-Provide
services until the product development stage. Recently- Participating in the corporate strategy development process Comprehensive service from creative division to strategy analysts. Thanks for your attention In conclusion
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