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No description

Amy Han

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Anecdote

What is an anecdote?
short story
any topic (usually on point)
can be personal
often humorous or amusing
Why use an anecdote?
to engage, involve, or interest
to add a human and personal dimension
lesson or theme
to illustrate a point
laugh or ponder
to set the stage
How to use an anecdote
Know your purpose
Include the right amount of information (don't overdo it)
Sensory details, 5W's
Don't use big words and over complicate
Very useful and powerful tool when done right
Take your essays to the next level!
By: Amy Han and Izabela Batko
Commonly used in conversation, in speeches and essays or articles
You use them everyday!
When to use an anecdote
When and How to
use an Anecdote

Set the Stage
Fire safety speech
Messy room
Back in my day...
Write your own anecdotes!
Best moment of summer 2013
Most memorable childhood memory
Best/worst travel experience
“Turbulence” By David Sedaris
The New Yorker, June 2005
“On the flight to Raleigh, I sneezed, and the cough drop I’d been sucking on shot from my mouth, ricocheted off my folded tray table, and landed, as I remember it, in the lap of the woman beside me, who was asleep and had her arms folded across her chest. I’m surprised that the force didn’t wake her—that’s how hard it hit—but all she did was flutter her eyelids and let out a tiny sigh, the kind you might hear from a baby.”
“Warning: I Will Employ the Word ‘Fat’” By Lionel Shriver
“For me, having my teeth straightened at 15 was instructive: I was still the same person, yet suddenly my classmates were kinder. To be sure, no longer feeling self-conscious about my front teeth has made me more confident-but that just means that being spared all those cracks about Bugs Bunny has helped me to be more completely myself” (Paragraph 19).
“It was Broadway and West 106th Street in Manhattan, the summer of 1978, right after I graduated from college. As if the older gentleman who volunteered that comment snapped a photograph, I remember exactly what I was wearing: a sea-green Danskin leotard, an eggshell wraparound skirt, high-heeled cream sandals. Though he'd effectively passed a death sentence-it was all downhill from there-in that moment I felt beautiful” (Paragraph 1).
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