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No description

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of WUGGL

Optical Life Weight Measurement Process of Pigs
Wuggl Interim Presentation 2
Yuliana Angelova
Kirill Bratukhin
Miriam Falcone
Eva Marckhgott
Filipe Sengo Furtado
Kay Stoss

1. Status Quo
2. Research Questions:
Product and Brand Technology
Market and Customers
3. Insights – (big) Pig Farmer Interview
4. Next Steps
5. Wrap Up

Status quo
3 interviews conducted
pig farmer
pig expert

Research questions
1. Welfare is not an issue (yet)

2.Unique Selling Propositions:

Potential partnerships
Are densities heterogeneous?
Farmers show high technology acceptance
Next steps
Gather new information from:
Finishing farmers
Feeding systems provider(s)
1. Better understanding of:
the market
the customers
2. Arise of questions regarding the TRL
3. Reorientation regarding:
Target customers
Potential partnerships

Wrap up:
Insights – (big) Pig Farmer Interview
Günther Weissnegger in Carinthia

Feeding works fully automatic (appendix)
Technological level very high (appendix)
Information channels: fairs, magazines, unions, WOM
Relatively good knowledge about food
Mechanical scale currently (3.000 Euro)
Roughly 6-7 hours / week
Color coding pigs by weight
Pig weighing / measurement
General Information, technology and feeding
Slaughterhouses and Requirements
Dead weight counts
Weighed & controlled by external companies
Many price classes (AMA-Gütesiegel, quality, amount of pickup, etc.)

thank you for the attention!!!
any questions?
After new collected informations...
25-30 kg
100-120 kg
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