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jaime norberto

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Group Animal Belongs To: Antilopinae true-Antelope.
Extinct? or Endangered? Saiga is classified as critically endangered. An estimated total number of 50,000 saigas survive.
The Saiga typically stands 2 ft 0 in–2 ft 7 in at the shoulder and weighs around 79-139 lb.
Their lifespans are from 6 to 10 years.
Mainly known from there big and larger long nose.
The horned males are larger than the hornless females.
In spring the Saiga highest possesions of babies in one litter are up to 3 Foal.
eats many species of plants.
Eats certain poisonus plants.
The Saiga gets its food from the forrest or the woodlands.
Saiga Antelope
By: Jaime Norberto

Very few found in Russia.
mostly found in 3 sections of Kazakhstan.
The antelope is born due to a process of pregnancy. the high amount that can be born in one liter is 3 antelopes. The antelopes usually stay with in there own group.
The enemies are the people because the Saiga horns may be used for medicine as well each horn may cost up to $150
The animal protects its self with its horns.
People have tried to help by banning hunting for these animals as well as that hunters may not hunt these animals until the year of 2021
I have learned that these animals were about to be terminated from earth but were able to find more in Russia.
I also learned that the horns of these animals are very valuable.
People should learn that this animal is very special especially with its horns that are able to save lives in China which is where they need the horns the most.

* http://www.arkive.org/saiga-antelope/saiga-tatarica/
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saiga_antelope
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