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No description

Ahmed Bakr

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

4 p's :
1- product
2- place
3- price
4- promotion
Ahmed Mohamed Mostafa
need >>>>> want >>>>>> demand
Relationship concept:
Our role is to make a profitable
relationship with the customer (customer is always right).

kayef el zbooon W sngfoo 5od mno elly ant
3ayzo w 7ssoh an hwoa daymn da7k 3leek
w yb2a mbsoot blt3aml m3ak :D :D
Societal concept
Marketing strategy should deliver value to
customers in a way that maintains or improves both the
consumer’s and society’s well-being (doing what’s right
benefits both consumers and company).

A7na asln bnsht3'al 3shan nwsl keema llnas tfedhm hma w el mogtam3 w da hdfna el assasy
what is marketing ?
questions and games
1- customer need,want and demand
science of exploring , creating , delivering value to satisfy needs of a target market at a profit

Philip Kotler


MARKET orientation
Production are
“Production makes its own demand”. Goods were so scarce and products
would sell themselves, so the major concern of firms was production.
Sales era
Competition between many firms became more significant, and the
problems of reaching the market became complex. The usual solution was
to hire more salespersons.
Marketing era
“We are in the business of satisfying needs and wants of consumers”. This
is really a brief statement of what has come to be known as the marketing
concept; the idea is that an organization should (1) strive to satisfy the
needs of consumers (2) while also trying to achieve its goals.
Marketing main concepts :
Social concept
Treating customers as a human being is the main concept of
the marketing through considering the customer values and
ethics and building a profitable relationship.
want = need + option
demand = want + buying power
five core concepts
2- Market offering
product , service , experiences
3. Customer value and Satisfaction
value : it's the things, morals and ethics that deliver to customer
satisfaction :
to what far you met customer
Delighted customers
buy again and tell
others about their
good experiences
Satisfied customers
can buy again or
switch to competitors
if found less benefits
Dissatisfied often
switch to competitors
and disparage the
product to others
4. Exchanges and Relationships:
5. Markets :
market process
Consumer Behavior
1- Geographic segmentation:
"Dividing a market into a different geographical units, such as nations, states,
regions, countries, cities, or even neighbourhoods”
2-Demographic segmentation:
“Dividing a market into segments based on variables such as age, gender,
family, size, familylife-cycle, income, occupation, education, religion,
race, generation, and nationality”
3-Psycho graphic Segmentation:

“Dividing a market into different segments based on social class, lifestyle, or
personality, characteristics”
4-Behavioural Segmentation:
“Dividing buyers into segments based on consumer knowledge, attitudes, uses, or
responses to a product”
Selecting Target Market segments:

- Choosing a differentiation and positioning strategy
- Choosing the right competitive advantages:
7 p's :
1- product
2- place
3- price
4- promotion
5- poeple
6- process
7- physical
4 c's:
2- cost
3- convenience
4- communication
thank you :)
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