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Does Fair trade work

No description

Sarah Reed

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Does Fair trade work

small farmer
What is different with fair trade?
Extra money from higher purchasing price
what are the benefits of fair trade (Fair trade goals)?
it also means a reliable, fair income, that is not heavily dependent on fluctuating global market or climate, for small farmers
Ensuring Good Working Conditions
No Discrimination: Gender Equity
Respect for the Environment
No Child Labor and Forced Labor
Can you think of any problems with these goals?
is child labour such a bad thing in some countries?
should men and women be doing the same type of work?
Do people even buy fair trade products?
here is the results to an online survey we created to assess 100 people
are you concerned about the ethics of the production of the food products you buy?
when buying food, how often do you choose fair trade products over the alternative
Normal Supply chain
so people care?
world wide fair trade retail sales = $1 bn
too small to have any significant impact?
distort the market for developing-world goods.
worldwide food retail sales
Going to stay this way because consumers shop on value and quality, not politics.
if it where to expand substantially...
widespread guarantee of long-term higher prices would encourage an expansion in production
This would lead to a bad oversupply and cause non-Fair trade prices to fall even further
This would put farmers who weren't fair trade in a worse position
is there a better alternative?
By Sarah Reed & Bolaji
another opinion and a possible alternative.....
What do you think?
Does it work?
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