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experiencias original 1


Guillermo Santiago Ramos

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of experiencias original 1

when I was in acapulco guerrero ravine was something that was winnowed somprendente a very high level and below were stones
church is the capital city and there my cousin tube 15 years lauze father
when I went with my uncle in parcera of the running I went to work the birds with the slingshot and I paid well
when we went with my family to the beach mazatlan
my experiences
AIM: Select some personal experience to organize sentences into a text to put together the autobiographical anecdote
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Value language as means poor sharing common experience

STEP 1.What do you want to produce? my experiences of my life
STEP 2.Who does what? prezi
Santiago Ramos
STEP 3.What materials do you need? Make a list.
STEP4. Do your project!
(a) Find information about your school’s facilities and layout that you want to include in your project: instruction
(b) Decide where to get the information from: internet
(c) Decide on the structure and organization of tour product: black
(d) As a group, create your projects.
STEP 5.Check your work.
STEP 6.Present your project to the class.
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