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No description

sofia kim

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of ONE DIRECTION


awards they won
one direction albums

music training

they all auditioned for the UK X Factor as soloist
but didn't make it through boot camp but then Simon Cowell put them together and that's when one direction formed they trained by practicing together to make sure they all come in at right time.
About them

One Direction a English, Irish boy band all auditioned for the UK X Factor as soloist and got to boot camp but didn't make it through. Then Simon Cowell put them together as a band, they made it all the way to the finals but didn't win.

thank you for listening to my presentation :D
One Direction's second book dare to dream life as one direction
by: Sofia Kim
Loius william tomlinson
ouis Tomlinson is the oldest in the band. He was born in Doncaster, south Yorkshire, England on December 24 1991. he is 22 years old and his birth name is Louis Troy Austin his parents names are Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin but when Louis was a toddler his parents divorced. His mom remarried to man named Mark Tomlinson but they divorced when he was auditioning for the UK X Factor. His mom got remarried again to Daniel Deakin. now he has 6 younger sisters and 1 brother there names are Charlotte (Lottie),Felicte (Fizzy), twins Daisy and Phoebe, Georgia and the faternal twins Ernest and Doris. he is not married but he is in a relationship with Eleanor Calder. When he took the role of Danny Zuko in the hall cross musical production of Grease persuaded him to audition for the UK X Factor. He was aslo in a band called The Rouge

Zayn Javadd Malik
Zayn Malik is the second oldest in the band he was born in Bradford, west Yorkshire England on January 12 1993. He is 21 years old and he is a muslim. His parents names are Tricia and Yaser Malik. his mom is half Irish and English and his dad is British Pakistani. He has 3 younger sisters they are Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa. He was a heavy smoker but he quit for his family, freinds and fans.he is engaged to singer Perrie Edwards from Little Mix
Liam James Payne

Liam is the third oldest in the band . He was born in Wolverhampton, west midlands, England on august 29 1993 he was 3 weeks early and effectively dead because one of his kidney didn't work. Until he was 4 he had regular test done in the hospital until the doctors noticed his kidney was scarred and disfuctional. As a chilld he had 32 injections in his arm morning and evening to help him with the pain and he still as both kidneys.He is 20 years old. His parents names are Karen and Geoff Payne and has 2 older sisters ruth and nicola. His biggest influences is Justin Timber lake. he is no married but he is in a relationship with Sophia Smith. He also auditioned for the X Factor when he was 14 but didnt make it pass the judges house.
Naill James Horan
There is not a lot to say about Naill Horan expecet that he is the second youngest in the band he was born in Mullingar, country westmeath, Ireland on September 13 1993 and he is 20 years old. His parents names are Bobby and maura Gallagher they divorced when he was 5 years old. He has 1 older brother named greg and he is single.
Harry Edward Styles
Harry Styles is the youngest in the band. he was born in redditch worcestershire on Febuary 1 1994 and is 20 years old. His parents names are Anne Cox and Desmand Styles they divorced when he was 7 but his mom remarried to Robin. He has 1 older sister named Gemma. His influences are Elvis Presley and the Beatles. he had a band called the white Eskimos he was the lead singer. He had a brief relationship with English television presenter Caroline Flack and dated singer Taylor Swift
American music award
Aria music award
Bambi award
BBC radio 1 award
Ben board music awards
Billboard music award and billboard touring award
music style
pop music, teen pop, dance pop, pop rock, electro pop and rock.
there influences
Frank sinatra
The egales
Justin timber lake
Elvis Presely
Cold Play
King of leon
The Beatles
Robbie Williams
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