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Andra Maruta romanian singer

No description

Iuliana Bianca

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Andra Maruta romanian singer

Songs published
His first single disc, Andra it launches in 2001, just 14 years, remaining on top of the debut so far in the Romanian Top 100.
Irina Alexandra Măruţă August 23, 1986 better known by the public as her stage name, Andra is a major television star and pop singer and R & B of Romanian origin.
Andra Maruta romanian singer
Andra Maruta
The two older sisters star chose to keep the press away from the persistent and stayed away from the bustle of the capital. Both Aura and Diana live in Plain Turda. In addition, as Sandel, Aura has a boy dealing with care.
Personal life
Andra married on August 23, 2008 by Catalin Maruta TV presenter and March 16, 2011 they became parents when David came into the world their first child.
Since when are parents, Andra and Catalin Maruta recognize that their life has changed, it is more beautiful, more interesting full.
Although they have very full program, the two say that every free moment they have is dedicated to their little boy, David, for which they gave to an old Tabiet. "I gave up sleeping late," says the presenter.
What Andra and Catalin Maruta dropped for the sake of David
Onset singer:
Starting out his musical career at the age of seven years, it had its first performance at a music contest called Tip Top Minitop as guests, singing his song Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You. Andra since that time have a lot of fans.

Andra - Nova Music
Dragostea mea - Nova Music
Vreau sărutarea ta feat. Tiger One- CatMusic
Vreau sărutarea ta (reeditare) - CatMusic
Rămâi cu mine - CatMusic
Best of - CatMusic
De la frate la soră - MediaProMusic
Vis de iarnă - MediaProMusic
Dragostea rămâne - MediaProMusic
Album de familie - MediaProMusic
Iubește-mă astăzi, Iubește-mă mâine - MediaProMusic
Inevitabil va fi bine - MediaProMusic
Atâta timp cât mă iubești feat. Marius Moga-MediaProMusic
Numai la doi feat. Vunk-MediaProMusic
If Sandel, brother Andrew and his wife appeared in TV shows have promoted popular music albums in what looks on Aura and Diana things are completely different.
True fans of Andra know that it comes from a large family of Turda Plain, where jury "Romanians have talent" was born and raised. Not many fans know but the star has two discrete sisters who have not been on television before.
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