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Language of the Bantu

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h a

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Language of the Bantu

The Bantu Tribe
Language of the Bantu
The Bantu languages are spoken in a very large area, including most of Africa from southern Cameroon eastward to Kenya and continent.
Twelve Bantu languages are spoken by more than five million people, including:

Between 2500-3000 years ago, speakers of the original proto-Bantu languages group began a millennia long series of migrations eastward from their original homeland in West Africa at the border of eastern Nigeria and Cameroon.

There isn't a specific area where the Bantu are found because they are nomads (meaning they don't live in a specific place/ area.

3 men singing traditional songs.
Above the word Bantu there is a mask this is he sought of mask the Bantu tribe wear.
This is where majority of the Bantu tribe are located.
Who were they?
‘Bantu people’ is used as a general label for the 300-600 ethnic groups in Africa who speak Bantu languages. They inhabit geographical area stretching east and southward from central Africa across the African Great Lakes region down to Southern Africa. The Bantu tribe were a part of the Iron Age in the Middle East. They settled by the River Nile then moved to Northern Africa closer to . Sahara grasslands.

What is the head scarf called that women wear to weddings called?

1. shoosh dange
2. shaash dingo
3.Shaash dango
What was the name of the river that they caught fish from?

1.River Nile
2.River Juba
3.River Ubangi
What is the Bantu Religion?
Many Bantu people are muslim due to slavery. Many freed themselves by converting to Islam.
What do they wear?
When women get married they wear a head scarf called a shaash dango and a blouse called a camburr garbeet and a large cloth called a gonfo. Men usually wear a buttoned up shirt and a wrap around cloth. Some wear a turban.
What is the traditional food That they eat?

When did the Bantu form?

1.Bronze Age
2.Iron Age
3.Stone Age

What is the blouse called that women wear?

1.Gamberr Gurbeet
2.Camberline Bugjeet
3.Camburr Garbeet
Thanks For Listening !
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