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NIC/LUJ Library Xiinu Phase I

No description

Charles Laurier

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of NIC/LUJ Library Xiinu Phase I

NIC Osaka 2016
Xploring the Infinite Information Universe

Starting your Research:
Planning Your Research
Key Concepts and Vocabulary
Before starting a research project, it's critical that you start with a focused and limited topic, something not too general. Choosing a topic that is too broad can lead to information overload and confusion!
Visual Representation
A good way of understanding the relationships of your key concepts and vocabulary is by representing them visually in a mind map or other form.
Simple Example
Pictorial Example
Encyclopedias can be a great place to start research, as they offer a general overview of an issue or topic, and help build your understanding. NIC Osaka has access to a number of online encylopedias which provide reliable, trustworthy information
Britannica Online Exercise
Cengage Exercise
Accessing the NIC Osaka Library eBook Collection
On the NIC Library page

click on

Ebsco Host tab...
Choose BadgerLink
username: libuser
password: (see workbook)
Search for your eBook by keyword or title
You can then view your eBook as a PDF or read it online by clicking 'Download'
Deselect (unclick) Academic Search Premier and select the eBook Academic Collection database...
Enter the following details:
eBook Exercise
That's It...for now
Research Success
Hierarchy of Keywords
Your topic should then be broken down into key concepts and vocabulary, which will help us in our information search.

Listing synonyms, related terms, broader terms and narrower terms will again help us locate useful information.
Britannica is the most respected encyclopedia in the English Language.

Go to page 11 in your
XIINU Workbook

and do...
Exercise II

Find Encyclopedia Articles

The Library also has
Cengage Encyclopedias
which include variety of special subject encyclopedias.
extra credit
try to find an encyclopedia in
and make an APA citation.

A galaxy of eBooks
At NIC Osaka you have access to about
eBooks through our partnership with Lakeland University. These can be read online, or chapters can be downloaded
Now let's find some eBooks related to your research topic. Follow the link below and the instructions in your workbook to complete Exercise 3.2

or Popular
Books can Be...
or Specific
Be a critical Researcher
Some points to consider when reading a book:

- is the author an expert?

- is the publisher reliable?

- is the information relevant and up-to-date?

read pages 15-16 in your XIINU Workbook & do Exercise 4 "Critique your eBook"
Welcome to XIINU

Phase I
XIINU is your guide to doing research & finding information at NIC Osaka. This short prezi tour accompanies your
workbook, which you will use to complete Phase I.
Thank you
for watching this Prezi. Please complete your XIINU workbook up to the end of Phase I and take the short quiz on page 18-19. Charles, the NIC/LCJ Librarian will be visiting NIC Osaka on Friday, July 15th and we will continue our journy in the infinite information universe....
see you then!

If you have any questions for Charles the Librarian you can contact him at:


Exercise I
Make Your Research Plan
Topic and Keywords

Now open

XIINU Workbook

Read pages 1 to 4

and do...

Exercise 1
Your Research Plan
Topic and Keywords

After Completing Exercise 1

Stage 2
"The Information You Need"

pages 5 to 9

in your XIINU Workbook
and continue watching this Prezi
Use this
and your
Workbook to prepare for the
July 15th
Research Training Session presented by
NIC/LCJ Librarian
Charles Laurier
Now think about
What Kinds of Information you need.

Talk your teacher and....

Do Exercise 2

on pages 9 & 10

in your

then continue watching this Prezi
Watch the Prezi about books and ebooks, then do
Exercise 3.2
on pages 13 and 14 in your

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