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Biology Chapter 5 Section 1 Population Growth

Miller Levine Dragonfly Book

Mark Meredith

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of Biology Chapter 5 Section 1 Population Growth

Population Growth
As resources
become less available
, the growth of a population slows or stops.

Logistic growth
occurs when a population's growth slows or stops following a period of exponential growth.

Carrying Capacity (K)
– the largest number of individuals an environment can support.
Logistic Growth
Exponential growth in a population slows down or stops as
resources become limited.
rate of immigration increases.
rate of emigration decreases.
birth rate increases.
An S-shaped curve on a graph of population growth is characteristic of
exponential growth.
logistic growth.
carrying capacity.
delayed growth.
Limiting Factors
- the movement of individuals into an area.

- the movement of individuals out of an area.
Population Growth
per km2

What factors affect population size?
Population Growth
Three important characteristics of a population are its:
geographic distribution
population density
growth rate
Characteristics of Populations
Exponential growth rate means that each new generation of a population
adds the same number of new individuals as the previous generation did.
increases at the same rate as the previous generation.
is the same size as the generation before.
increases by a varying amount.
When the birthrate of a population exceeds its death rate, the population
stays the same.
increases then decreases.
Population density is the number of individuals
that are born each year.
per unit area.
that immigrate.
that emigrate.
Logistic growth is characterized by an S-shaped curve.
Logistic Growth
Exponential Growth
Exponential Growth
ideal conditions
with unlimited resources, a population will grow exponentially.

Exponential growth
occurs when the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate.
Exponential Growth
Three factors can affect population size:
number of births
number of deaths
number of individuals that enter or leave the population

A population can grow when its birthrate is greater than its death rate.
Population Growth
5-1 How Populations Grow
Copyright Pearson Prentice Hall
Could exponential growth
occur indefinitely?
How would this look on a graph?
Human Effects on Climate
and the Biosphere
How are humans contributing to global
climate change?

If limited resources control populations,
which important resources are in danger
of becoming limited for us?
Human Population Growth
Global Temperature Increased
History of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
400,000 years ago to 1950
Carbon Dioxide Levels Today
What are the consequences
of a warming world?
Our Only Home
Image of Saturn by Cassini
July, 2013
Earth and the Moon as seen
from Cassini orbiting Saturn
July, 2013
Earth from Saturn
July, 2013
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