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Info about Armenia

Raiden Miller

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Armenia

By Raiden miller What you need
to know Type of food Capitol and other cities and languages Agriculture Green frogs Some of the food is ... Capitol Yerevan Fruit Armenia Wildlife IN summer wear shorts, T-shirts,flip-flops If you go in the winter wear warmer clothes You will have to change your money into
dram (national currency) lavsh Spas And fish Cites Alaverdi, Ijevian, Kapen, Vegetables And livestock Natural Resource Gold Mineral products Armenian cliff lizard Capers Even poisonous butterflies Government Type:Republic Exports:Diamonds,
mineral deposits,
food stuff industries Thanks
watching warning!
Hear is every
thing to know
before going to Armenia Bibliography <https://.CIA.gov./library/publications/the-world-fact book/geos/ar.Html> Bibliography con. travel Armenia.org/en/armenian cusine Lets go WWW.britannica.com/ebchecked/topic/35178/ armineia <WWw.Fact monster.com/ipka/ aolo7292.html Armenian,Yezidi, and Rusian National holiday:Independence day Sept. 24
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