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Olivia Creighton

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of London

London, England Places To Visit: 1. Big Ben Big Ben is the bell
tower at the Palace
of Westminister,and
the 3rd largest free-
standing bell tower in
the world. 2. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the
official home of the royal
family of England. 3. Tower of London The Tower of London was
once used as a place to
hold and torture prisoners.
It also served as an
armoury, treasury,
observatory, the Royal Mint,
and a place for execution.
4. St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral is an Anglican
church and a popular tourist attraction.
It is the fifth St. Paul's Cathedral,
and all five of them have been built
on the same site. 5. The London Eye The London Eye is a huge
ferris wheel measuring
442 feet tall. The
observation wheel is a
great way to see London. 6. Windsor Castle Windsor Castle is the
largest inhabited
castle in the world.
The building was once
a 1000 year old
fortress until William
the Conqueror turned
it into a castle. Transportation: 1. The London Underground 2. Double Decker Bus 3. Boats Exchange Rate: One U.S. dollar is
equal to .66 pounds 5. Plane London is the captial of England.
It's the largest and most populated
metropolitan area in the European Union. Shopping: London's busiest shopping street
is Oxford Street. The street is a mile
and a half long with a total of 548 shops. Weather: London rarely sees any extremely
high or low temperatures. The average temperature
in the summer is 61 °F, and the average in winter is
44 °F. Snow is very uncommon, but it rains excessively.London has an average of 106 rainy days each year, and the city only sees an average of 1461 hours of sunshine each year.
4. Cars Places to stay: Corus Hotel- Hyde Park The hotel is located across the street from Hyde Park, near Buckingham palace.Each room has a two beds,a desk, and a small bathroom. Televisions, the fitness room and computers are all are available in the lobby. The hotel also has a laundry service and restaurants. The average cost per night is $120. Things to pack: Map of London Camera Umbrella Passport Have a great trip!
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