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EAP: Energy Saving

Sanketh, Andrew, Ryan

Sanketh Hegde

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of EAP: Energy Saving

Saving Energy 7 things you can do to save energy: Here's our data to prove it: The Environmental Crisis
can only be solved
if everybody does their part What we've accomplished TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A
DIFFERENCE! Sanketh, Andrew, Ryan The amount of energy use has doubled over the last 20 years Electricity comes from power plants which release thousands of tons of greenhouse gases into the air By doing simple things like turning off lights, increasing laundry loads, and using more cold water, we can have a huge impact. 1. Adjust thermostat during winter 2. Shut off lights when not in use 3. Use fluorescent bulbs 4. Use cold water for laundry 5. Take short showers 6. Fix dripping faucets 9. "Weatherize" windows with plastic sheeting By taking action, we've managed to save vast amounts of energy for each of our households. You might be thinking... - why save energy?
- what's the point?
- how does it benefit me?
- what if I don't care?
- What is Global Warming? Energy = MONEY! Saving energy can actually save you thousands of dollars. The Environment needs Us We took our energy bills from August and September and compared them to each other After Before Sanketh: 436 kWh ($59.40)
Ryan: 546 kWh ($92.40)
Andrew: 900 kWh ($207.86)
Total: 1882 kWh ($359.66)
Average: 627 kWh ($119.89) Thank you for listening! "Energy Efficiency and Conservation | Global Issues | Chevron." Chevron Corporation Home - Human Energy. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Oct. 2012. <http://www.chevron.com/globalissues/energyefficiencyconservation/?utm_campaign=Tier_2&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=Google&utm_term=ways_to_save_energy>.

"Pacific Gas and Electric Company." Pacific Gas and Electric Company. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Oct. 2012. Sanketh: 379 kWh ($50.10)
Ryan: 475 kWh ($71.10)
Andrew: 781 kWh ($167.40)
Total: 1653 kWh ($288.60)
Average: 551 kWh ($96.20) Savings Sanketh saved $9.30/30 days Ryan saved $21.30/30 days Andrew saved $40.64/30 days Total Saved: $71.24
Average Saved: $23.74 Sanketh saved 57 kilowatts/hour
Ryan saved 71 kilowatts/hour
Andrew saved 119 kilowatts/hour
Total saved: 247 kWh
Average saved: 82 kWh Conclusion We each saved about 10% money and energy in just one month In one year, we would save an average of about $300 and an average of about 2000 kW per day an average of about 730,000 kW per year WE CAN SAVE OVER 2.3 QUADRILLION KILOWATTS PER YEAR!
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