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Canvas - My Campus Torre dels Frares - UVIC

Aquest és el prezi que he creat pel concurs, si us agrada cliqueu MEGUSTA<3 siusplauuu!

Miriam Fabregat

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Canvas - My Campus Torre dels Frares - UVIC

This is Campus Torre dels Frares, where I study
Now, I am going to show you my route to the University
This is Jacint Verdaguer Street
VIC is located in Spain, Catalonia
Plaça Major
The train station is well placed,
near the University
The facade of the Campus Torre dels Frares
The hall
The library, where you can ...
The access ramp
The university's building is organized around a central courtyard
Here we can meet with the students and practice other languages
The BODY DUB is a percussion choreography which is do it with the body
and this, my folder
This is my student card
With thanks to:
- University of Vic
- Ruben Giró
- Eudald Sellares
The Hall
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