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Deniz Arslan

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Disney PESTLE

The political environment of any given country is one of the most essential features alongside the others in this presentation that can have a substantial effect on such a complex and large global company such as Disney. The spatial-temporal context is a crucial factor when it comes to the political aspects of Globalisation.

There is political unrest in some countries, which may put us off from internationalising to them as host countries.

I.e Turkey in regards to the attempted Coup d’etat that occurred on July 15th 2016. Turkish president Erdogan threatening to turn back on the west entirely and supporting Russia, a known historic enemy of the country. (THREAT).
: Turkey said to rank as “the most corrupt country in Europe” (Business Insider, 2016) whereby allegations were made that senior business people were involved in many scandalous activities such as bribery, fraud, smuggling & money laundering. (THREAT)
: Bombings and terrorism occurring in countries that already have Disney theme parks such as France. May affect demand as people may be afraid. Turkey and Belgium also affected by terrorism and and do not have any Disney operations and thus are not considered as ideal markets to enter due to this factor. (THREAT)
Different countries have different regulations in terms of product safety. Some countries may be tighter thus making it more difficult for international trade to occur without paying a higher price to do so. (THREAT)
The UK may be another country that we would not wish to have as a host country to internationalise into due to emerging issues surrounding BREXIT. (THREAT)
The animation industry is given benefits in terms of tax. (OPPORTUNITY)
Social media will still be dominant after 3 years so we already have the main driver for our campaign to create awareness, buzz, and to communicate with our audience. (O)

Income/affordability, especially with higher rates during holiday seasons and the controversy around taking children out of school to go on holiday. (T)

Safety is an ongoing concern especially in regards to issues such as terrorism. With the recent attacks in France, many people won't want to invest/involve themselves that could potentially put them and their families at risk. (T)

3D Technology has gained popularity

Advances in animation

Gaming Technology/Interactive Games

Digital Displays

Apps for smartphones

Online Selling

Introduction of Blu-Ray

The use of RFID Technology

The increasing use of Social Media
Walt Disney Company, including the theme parks, studio, media networks, consumer products and interactive media group.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
- decent content, proper commercial ads during the breaks

Amusement park safety regulations

Copyright and intellectual property regulations.

Taxation framework

Environmental protection regulations will be more strict in 3-year-period so it will need more cost to manage that issues.(T)

Consumers’ rising awareness for environmental issues, it affects our brand image as long as we organise campaigns and programmes related.(T&O)

A lot of consumers have begun to recognise the use of lands throughout the world, especially construction for theme parks and resorts, as destruction of the environment.(T)

CO2 emission policy to protect world environment can be used for emphasising our own products eco-friendly made.(O)
Thanks for

Economic crisis and instability in European economies (T)

Currency fluctuations - US Dollar vs Euro & Pound(T)

Pressure on business investment → November elections in USA (T)

USA GDP growth shows stability from 2013 till 2015 (O)

USA Inflation decreased from 2013 till 2015 (O)

USA Unemployment rate decreased since 2010 (O)
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