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Human Service Resources

No description

Chelsea Friedrich

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Human Service Resources

Description of job: Social workers provide services and help improve social functioning of children. They also help families, and their well-being & academic functioning of the children within the family. These social workers may help the parents, but they also may arrange adoptions and find children foster homes. Throughout the schools they may look into the children academic files, and address problem areas. They also help with teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. These social workers are the ones that address the problem.

Child, Family & School
Social Worker
Career Development Project
By Chelsea Friedrich

Social workers interview their clients individually, in families, or in groups to figure out the situation/problems, and provide services that will meet their needs.
They may counsel students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical state is interfering with their daily life, and assist them with finding services to suit their needs.
Develop and review the service plans with clients. Follow-ups are recommended to see how progress is going with services.
A few Tasks of Job
Most jobs associated with this job title require a four year bachelor's degree, but some don't depending on how advanced the job is.

This job would require previous job skills, and some sort of background related job.

On the job training or vocational training is needed before going into this field.
2012 Median wages- $19.97 hourly
$41,530 Annually
2012 Employment 286,000 employees
Job openings expected between 2012-2022= 103,600

Info about Job
Description: Social workers in this field need to be able to plan, direct and/or coordinate research. The worker helps with student administration and services, and other educational activities at post secondary institutions.
Education Administrators:
Post secondary
Advise students about academic careers, course selections, and advising them on progress towards graduating.
Participate in student recruitment
Represent institutions at meetings and events

Tasks of Job
Most of these related jobs require graduate school. Some require PH.D, M.D or J.D

May require more then 5 years of experience

Some positions may require on the job training, but most employers assume the potential employee already has experience
Requirements of Job
Median wages from 2012 $41.58 hourly
$86,490 Annual
2012 162,000 employees for related jobs
2012-2022 potential job openings will be 66,500
Info about Job
In 2010 employment was at 886 & in 2022 it should go up to 964 in Vermont.

Nationally the employment for this job is 273,920 employees.
In 2010 Vermont's employment for this type of work was at 765. In 2020 it will be expected to be 832.

Nationally 161,000 had this job in 2012. It will continue to rise and 23,500 more people will join this field before 2022.
Related Job Opportunities
Academic dean
College president
Admissions director
Dean of students
Financial aide director
Related Job Opportunities
School Social Worker
Family Service Worker
Case Manager
Foster Care Social Worker
Family Protection Specialist
Youth Services Specialist
Case Worker
Child Protective Services Social Worker
Job Shadow
I chose to do a job shadow with a child, family, and school social worker due to the fact that I work at Laraway Youth and Family Services, and have a few connections.
I job shadowed a lady named Erin Longchamp. She is in fact my clients social worker, so this was interesting to me because I was able to see what she really does within a days work. I was only able to be with her for an hour since she was so busy, and had meetings etc.
I felt like my experience was very rushed, but I figured it was because she was so busy. Erin was never just in her office. She was always up and going somewhere or writing emails, making phone calls, or meeting with someone.
I think one of the major insight moments for me was when she was on the phone, which felt like forever. To me this was good for me to see because it got me thinking about what really goes on in a social workers day. Although I had another amazing insight, which had the complete opposite effect on me, and that was when Erin was done a meeting and the girl came out with a huge smile on her face. That to me showed how great social workers can really be and seeing that someone was helped with just a meeting.
1. Before doing this assignment, what did you know about the types of jobs that existed in the field of social work?
Honestly I didn't know of certain job titles, but I knew that social workers weren't limited to just one thing. Social workers have a huge variety of things they can do.

2.What surprised you about the information you found? What did you learn that reinforced what you already knew?
I was surprised by all the job opportunities people had by becoming a social worker. I knew you could do a lot being a social worker, but I had no idea what kind of jobs. I think the wages reinforced what I already knew because I figured social workers made a lot, but didn't exactly know how much until I did this project.

3. Has doing this project changed your mind about the direction you may take in the field of human services generally or social work more specifically? If so, how? If not, how did this project help solidify your thinking about the direction you may take in the field?
I think this project helped make my decision a lot easier because for a while I thought I wanted to be a case manager, and seeing how much social workers truly have to do is just not for me. Yes, I like staying busy, but I'm not sure I want to be that busy. I'm still not sure of my exact direction, but I love helping people and have time to think about it.

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