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Cloud storage presentation

No description

Mohd Ibrahim

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Cloud storage presentation

Cloud Storage
What is cloud computing?
Popular Brands
Google Drive
Microsoft SkyDrive


Apple iCloud
Amazon Cloud

The Big Four

Google Drive

Microsoft SkyDrive


Cloud storage is one of technology created in the World Wide Web for human interest and help them in a better way.
It is a storage which enhance the usage and keep your files from missing

Useful for Everyone
Definition of Cloud Storage
~ A backup and storage service on the
" Internet"
~Redundant: having excess or “duplicate” parts that can continue to perform in the event of malfunction
vs. file
Privacy issues
Vendor going out of business
Security tactics
User end
Login, password
2-step Verification code

Data Centers are the Cloud !
Cloud storage is a model of networked online storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage.


Uses of Cloud Storage

Yearly price for 100GB is a bit high
Only 2GB of free space available
Inability to collaborate
No option to share on social network.
No editing
300MB of uploads via web
Multiple devices can access drop box
Apps for access are optional
Sharing is easy. Just add accounts that can access the information
Automatic back up in the cloud and other devices
History of up to 30 day is provided, to undo error
Dropbox sync all your file at the time that you edit them.
When a file is uploaded you gain rights
Google Drive
:Just type google drive on google
;Additional storage is cheaper than the competitors package
;Large file size limit. Files as big as 10 GB can be stored.
;Compatible with google docs. Documents can be edited online.
;Can open files of 30 different software type.
;New documents, spreadsheet and presentation can be created and collaborated on by many

; Some Mobile devices do not support the drive
;Only 5GB of free storage, while additional
storage will cost consumers.
; No media Streaming available
; Multiple folders can't be synced
;Can't password protect publicly
shared folders
Only support windows and iOs mobile device
300MB file size limit
Invest in full suite of Microsoft server products to get the most out of the cloud’s services.
Document permissions and password-protected files are not present.
Largest amount of free storage at 7GB
Remote access to files on a computer from other devices
Users can edit documents in Word and pick up where they left off in the online app.
social media integration lets users tweet or post Facebook content directly from SkyDrive.
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