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Functional Skills Meeting 21st April 2010

The way forward for Functional Skills in HAAB @ Leicester College

Maria Bliss

on 26 August 2012

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Transcript of Functional Skills Meeting 21st April 2010

No Pilot - they're Path to the future : 1. Don't feel like jumping off the cliff - Think in terms of sharing the load 2. It's okay to keep it SIMPLE. fig. 2 4. Training is the key. Attend free training sessions by Skills To do this, is essential! Planning & cooperation should start from today.
Let's plan 1 hour/week to look at emebedding FS - half the work is already done! Meeting Let's take the bull by the horn and run with it! Don't be afraid of change. It's just a small
animal ... we can tame it! :) Functional ...there are lots of
things we can do
to make this into a
more of a success
story than Key Skills.
Embedding is said to work... But we should
always Be on
the lookout for
new ideas! Changes for 2010/2011 New F.S. standards
Most staff will be teaching FS FLT & Foundtion Diploma
students will be doing all
3 F.s.; they won't achieve their
qual. unless they pass all 3 F.S.!! a lot of publishers are creating resources We must work together to improve student motivation & behaviour.

1. Just one ILP with targets from Hair/Beauty,
Functional Skills (all 3) & PTLS targets 2. embedded learning 3. Teams of lecturers teaching the same course to get together
to plan FS lessons weekly - link between FS & Vocational Tailor F.S. lessons according to the Hair/Beauty assignments written by C&G. These can be further amended to include compulsory elements for Maths and/or ICT.

When teaching particular skills, do so with reference to the vocational assignments students have to complete. In this way, FS teaching will become easier and purposeful for students. Liase with the theory tutor to identify what work
students will be asked to undertake. Amend those C&G assignments to include Maths/ICT, if needed. Then plan what skills you will be teaching & what skills students will be practising in their assignments. Build the skills Practise and apply
the skills Demonstrate mastery EMFEC emfec.co.uk/events Agenda
23/06/2010 Functional Skills Updates: Changes for 10/11 Lessons learnt & Plan for the future: Raising the profile of F. s. in HAAB
working together to plan for 2010/11 Training avaiable AOB AOB EMFEC training events Functional Skills Teaching & Learning English, Maths & ICT Using Personal, Learning & Thinking Skills to develop functionality Full day
5th July 2010 morning session
9th July 2010 TEAM WORK levels and complexity and familiarity
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