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shannon and logans project

world history class

shannon spivey

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of shannon and logans project

Shannon Spivey Logan Rowland Sources:



http://wapedia.mobi/en/File:Hop_Step_and_Jump.jpg This piece of propaganda is mocking napoleons
invasion on the british. The picture is mocking
how bad there boats were. This picture is an example of pin pointing the enemy beacsue they pin point napoleon saying how bad his bots were. This Picture shows how british beat
napoleon. this propagand is by james gillray in1803. Well i'd say that this picture is an example of assertion because it is presented in like a fact and plainly stating it. Shows in sequence how napoleon
finally got beat but what he got over
to get to were he was killed.
this picture is an example of cardstacking propaganda because they show what napolean did and failed at but not what he did and achieved in.
In this picture napoleon uses propagan by trying to say he's tall and handsome but he aint, he's actually just short and fat. this propaganda technique is glittering generalities
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