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My other favorite bands

In my first prezi, i presented my top 2 bands, my next one is my other favorite bands.

kyler tyson

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of My other favorite bands

My other favorite bands are Buckcherry, Godsmack,Vains of Jenna, Die Mannequin, Disturbed, and Papa Roach. Buckcherry is one of the best live
bands since the late 1990's. My favorite songs by them are Sorry, Crazy B***h, Rescue Me, Don't Go Away, So Far, Next to You, Broken Glass, and Talk to Me. Below you will see a picture of Buckcherry. Godsmack is one of the best bands since the 1990's. My favorite songs by them are Serenity, Voodoo, The Enemy, Awake, Re-Align, and Voodoo Too. Below you will see a picture of Godsmack. Vains of Jenna are the best band to come out of Sweden. My favorite songs by them are Enemy in Me, Refugee, Mind Pollution, and Everbody Loves you When Your Dead. Below you will see a picture of Vains of Jenna Die Mannequin is one of very few good
bands from Canada. My favorite songs by them are Do it or Die, Saved by Strangers, Suffer, Dead Honey, and Bad Medicine. There will be a picture of Die Mannequin below. Disturbed has made some very famous songs over the years, and those songs are Down With the Sickness and Perfect Insanity. Those two songs are also my favorite songs by them, the other ones are Indestructible, Ten Thousand Fists, Inside the Fire, and Deceiver. There will be a picture of Disturbed below. Papa Roach has one of the most famous songs of this decade, and that song is Last Resort. That song is my favorite song by them, my other favorite songs by them are Into the Light, Change or Die, Dead Cell, Broken Home, Between Angels and Insects, and Hollywood Wh**e. A Papa Roach picture will down below.
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