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Samuel De Champlai

No description

Denyse Turnquist

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Samuel De Champlai

Later in Life
From 1601-1603 Champlain worked as a geographer for King Henry IV and then joined François Gravé Du Pont's expedition to Canada in 1603.

Expedition to Canada
On his journey They sailed up the St. Lawrence river, and Saguenay rivers and explored Gaspe Peninsula eventually arriving in Montreal.
Next Expedition
Samuel was chosen to go on another expedition the following year to Acadia by Lieutenant-General Pierre Du Gua de Monts.
Thank you!
Samuel De Champlain
By Denyse Turnquist
Champlain Settles
Champlain went to what is now Nova Scotia , and was to choose where to settle he choose a small island next to St. Crox River.
Going to New England
In the summer of 1605 the crew went to New England going as far South as Cape Cod, Champlain gave a detailed description of the terrain.
Champlain traveled with his uncle to distant places ,there voyage's took them as far as Spain to the West Indies.
Discovering Quebec
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