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"The Shawshank Redemption"

Literary/Film Elements

Ashley-Raye Miles

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of "The Shawshank Redemption"

The Shawshank Redemption Crane Shot
Film Element 1 Occurs in the beginning of the film when all the "fresh fish" are coming into the walls of Shawshank for the first time.
The crane shot is specifically shown when the armed guards are looking down on the new prisoners.
Crane shot shows the lack of freedom on behalf of the prisoners because it shows that they are constantly being watched and monitored by others who are in complete control of them POV Shot
Film Element 2 In the beginning of the film, this shot is used to show what the prisoners new lives will behold
Camera shot shows the new prisoners perspective and how their freedom is about to be taken away.
The POV shot shows loss of freedom because they are looking at all the measures that the prison goes to keep the prisoners contained. Sound
Film Element 3 Andy locks himself into the wardens office to play music over the intercom for the other prisoners
Even though he risks getting harsh punishment for this he needs to feel some sense of freedom
The music further relates to freedom because the music reminds Andy of when he was a free man and could listen to music whenever he desired Back Lighting
Film Element 4 Occurs after the prisoners make bets on which ones of the new prisoners or "fresh fish" will break down first
After one of the prisoners broke down as anticipated by Heywood, Captain Hadley beats him to death
Back lighting appears while Captain Hadley is beating the prisoner
The back lighting serves as an ominous addition to the scene and shows how the prisoner's freedom is being taken
The prisoner's freedom of speech is being taken away when he gets punished and in the end his freedom to live is taken away Close-Up
Film Element 5 Towards the end of the film a close up is used to show the rope that Andy obtained through one of the other prisoners
The initial thought of the viewer is that Andy will take his own life with the rope and find a sense of freedom in death
The rope is holding a box that contains documents and attire to start out his new life as a free man
The rope ends up aiding Andy in his escape to find freedom Symbolism
Literary Element 1 Towards the end of the film, Andy talks to Red about what he would do if he were to escape
"They say (the pacific ocean) has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory." - Andy
This relates to the theme of freedom because Andy is telling Red about what he would do if he gained freedom and he has hope that he will eventually gain freedom
Andy puts a detailed picture into the viewers mind about what his idea of freedom would look like
To Andy, the Pacific Ocean represents freedom and a fresh start
Andy does not gain freedom, he steals it away by escaping and doing exactly what he told Red he would do with his freedom Irony
Literary Element 2 Throughout the film, Andy hides his rock hammer in his bible
The rock hammer led Andy to his escape
This is ironic because the warden tells Andy that "salvation lies within" when he is talking about the text in the bible, unaware of what was actually in his bible
The rock hammer that was in the bible led Andy to his escape and to his freedom on the Pacific Ocean Symbolism Paradox
Literary Element 3 A paradox takes place in the scene when Andy gets to volunteer to put tar on a roof with some of the other prisoners
Andy offers Captain Hadley some advice about his finances and in return Andy asks for cold beers for all the prisoners tarring the roof
"We sat and drank with the sun on our shoulders and felt like free men."
This quotation and scene is a paradox because they feel a sense of freedom even though they are prisoners Motif
Literary Element 4 Hope is a recurring theme in the film
Red thinks of hope as a negative thing because having hope could let a person down
Andy lives his life based upon a sense of hope
Andy achieves freedom by constantly having a sense of hope for example, having hope that he could dig through the wall, and not get caught doing so
In the end of the film, Red has a different perspective on hope than in the beginning of the film because his hope that he will escape from his parole and find Andy gives him freedom Setting
Literary Element 5 In the end of the film Andy and Red are reunited in Mexico on the Pacific Ocean
There is nothing but blue sky, sand and ocean around Andy and Red
This setting represents freedom for both characters as they have both started new lives outside of Shawshank FILM
ELEMENTS LITERARY ELEMENTS Literary and Film Elements Theme: Freedom By:
Ashley-Raye Miles
English 30-1
Mod 20
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