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Copy of Teenage Pregnancy

Too many teens in the U.S are getting pregnant, clearly our sex education is doing something wrong...

Kristen Temple

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy Teen pregnancy rates in the
U.S are too high...but how do
we fix it? "1 in 3 girls will get pregnant
before the age of 20"
-Livestrong.com "One-third of public schools teach absitinance only"

"In 2009 birthrates went
up in 26 states"
-USA Today Teach teens to have safe sex? Teach only abstinance? Try and cover both? Solution? Abstinance is what's currently being taught
and clearly isn't wokring, but maybe we should
go a little deeper than just teaching safety... It's time to speak to the teens, and maybe the best way to do that is to have teens do the talking... Teens can tell other teens not just how
to go about sex safely, but a little more.
They can explain the risks, both emotional
and physical and how it can really change your life... Vote for your school district to enfore
the 'Teens talking to Teens' program, and maybe
together we can solve this issue...
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