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Quantum Mechanics

No description

Kolton Swain

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics The Strange World of Quantum mechanics, the branch of mechanics, based on the quantum theory used for interpreting the behavior of elementary particles and atoms, which do not obey Newtonian mechanics What is Quantum
Mechanics? Here's an example..... What does that
mean? China New Hampshire Quantum Mechanics tells that any thing we have ever interacted with are connected forever. For example, your friend decides to throw a rock in China, all of the sudden that decision instantaneously, through random, influence does something to you in New Hampshire! (crazy story huh) This happened without any physical force involved. Einstein called such influences “spooky actions.” They’ve now been demonstrated to exist. Many of these people ventured deep into the world of quantum mechanics some of which were renowned
mathematicians. The Pioneers of Quantum Mechanics Math and Science usually go hand in hand but in this ones case it requires a lot of math such as the following, How does this relate
to math? Algebra
Calculus differentiation.
Calculus (multivariable)
Analytic Geometry
Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations The most common of the quantum mechanic equations are the Schrodinger equations.
It usually deals with the physical state of something and how it changes over time. Some commom Equations Reminds me of Geometry One of the most popular problems is made by the same person with his popular equations. This is called Schrodingers Cat Heres a Problem The End
You probably still don't understand.
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