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Eastern Explorers

No description

Katey M

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Eastern Explorers

Breath taking adventure
2 week long trip
This is a beautiful Island that is both relaxing and exciting. You can spend the day tanning on the beach, or hiking through the forest.
United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful, unique country that is a mix between traditional Arabic culture and the new, modern times.

Itinerary Highlights
Eastern Explorers
Enjoy. Explore. Experience more.

Stay at the beautiful Atlantis Palm resort in Dubai
A landlocked country with a rich history, neighboring China and India, with high peaks, unique wildlife, and buzzing cities.
Additional Information
Eat at the finest restaurants in the world
Take a dive with the dolphins
Modest clothing is recommended, try to avoid tank tops, shorts that are too short, or anything unacceptable in the U.S.
Be sure to NEVER touch a monk
Itinerary Highlights
In Thailand and Nepal, bowing with your hands together with show respect.
Always remove shoes before entering houses and temples
Contact Information
Telephone: 1-877-Explore
Email: Easternexplorers@gmail.com
Itinerary Highlights
Mountain biking
A wild safari
Relax on the beach
Experience amazing Nepalese food
Elephant riding
A day at the spa
5 star hotels
Gourmet meals
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