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DCF 2013-2014

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Master List 2013-2014

April Kelley

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of DCF 2013-2014

2013 - 2014 Master List I am the one and only Ivan, a silverback gorilla. It's not as easy as it looks. In a kingdom divided
by war and darkness... Two children help each other to survive a childhood of loneliness and deprivation. A little dog searching for a home... A lonely boy in need of a companion... An elderly man ignored by everyone in town... Find each other in... When Alina's hidden power is revealed, she is suddenly thrown into the center of political intrigue and brutal ambition. Can Alina and Mal stay true to themselves? A boy and his mother struggle to maintain their farm... A stranger walks into their life willing to help... But this new presence makes one man angry... Resulting in a series of violent acts... What could an Indian immigrant girl living in New York City possibly have in common with a boy from the mountains of eastern Kentucky? More than you might think. Over the course of a year of letters, they share confidences and concerns about their beloved grandmothers, environmental problems and everyday family matters. Clare's mother has died and she doesn't seem to fit anywhere. Least of all in rural Malawi where her father has dragged her for a couple of months. How will she cope without a mother, friends, creature comforts and cell service? When Deza's father loses his job during the Depression and takes off to find work, the rest of the family becomes homeless: hopping trains, living in hobo jungles and barely surviving Through it all, Deza's love of writing and her good humor keep her going. When Carley is put into foster care, she is forced to move in with the Murphy family. Little does she know that they will change her life and give her something to believe in: herself Half Indian and half Jewish, Sonia doesn't feel like she fits in - not in school and not at home. What's a girl supposed to do when she has no idea where she belongs? Meet Will: Liar. Thief. And on the run. Where will the road take him? To Oddities, New friendships, and great adventures in Elizabethan England. As we travel down: What do you get when you cross An animal wrangler with a mortgage to pay with The insufferable star of a reality-TV show called Expedition Survival! and A bunch of wild creatures in the Florida Everglades? Fifth grade isn't so bad Unless you are starting school for the first time And suddenly you are judged for how you look Rather than who you are Jamie Grimm is your average middle school student with: a gift for making people laugh friends who support him and a secret he's kept hidden for a year Find out if he wins the Planet's Funniest Kid Contest Three adventurous siblings with gadgets, gizmos and a treasure map Try to clear their father's reputation and find a hidden city filled with gold Victoria expects all things to be neat and tidy. What will she do when her only friend disappears? How will she handle all the cockroaches? She will systematically and purposefully follow the clues to: Summer on the Cape with Great-Aunt Louise! Stella was not expecting Louise's new foster child Angel or... to have to deal with tragedy. Nor was she expecting great friendship and sharing a HUGE secret. Norway has been invaded by Nazis! Everyone must choose a side The Nazis or the Resistance? Fourteen-year-old Espen chooses the Resistance. His bravery is quickly tested. Friendships are broken. Donovan has never been called "gifted." When he is accidentally sent to a school for gifted students, he does his best to fit in. But can he get away with it or will everyone eventually find out he is "ungifted"? Georges has never led an exciting life. But when he moves to Brooklyn and meets Safer, an unexpected spy adventure begins! Fern feels invisible. Everyone else in her family is occupied with their own problems Except three year old Charlie, of course, who is the center of the known universe. Pretty sure things cannot get worse, Fern is devastated when real tragedy strikes. A young child diagnosed with autism... Uses her strengths as a visual thinker... To develop revolutionary changes in the lives of animals. The king and queen and heir apparent
have all been murdered. The kingdom is divided. Can a false prince
be successful? And, more importantly,
how will he be selected? A five-year-old abandoned to the streets of Moscow. Who will help him: relatives? caring adults? older street kids? No. A pack of dogs. During World War II a race was on... Scientists across the globe were working to create the first atomic bomb... And spies embedded in the
United States were trying to steal the plans. Almost twelve-year-old Glory plans to celebrate her birthday with the usual pool party. But this is Mississippi in 1964, and some people want to close the segregated pool to keep blacks from using it. What will Glory do to solve her problem? How do you deal with the fact that your older brother - and best friend - went off to war in Iraq and didn't return? Daniel Anderson's answers are to collect stories of unusual deaths and to change radically his ideas about who could be a friend. My name is Oona and I tell whoppers. I told my little brother Fred that even though our cat Zook is sick, not to worry. He has nine lives and he's only on Life Number Five. "It's for the best," Ma says, yanking to braid my hair. "It's for the best, you packing up and moving to the Oplingers' soddy." Ma and Pa want me to leave and live with strangers. I won't go. Seventh grader Louise Terrace used
to be a lot of things... ...star gymnast... ...popular girl... ...happy kid living on Cinnamon Street... Her world has shrunk to the size of a thimble. It will take the warmth of a secret admirer
to melt Louise's frozen heart. Rising sixth grader Mo Lebeau blew into Tupelo Landing eleven years ago on the winds of a hurricane. That same night, the mysterious Colonel crashed his car, lost his memory, and stumbled across Mo. Both are taken in by Miss Lana and together they run the Tupelo Cafe. But trouble is brewing in the form of a corpse and a pushy detective from Winston Salem.
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