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Welcome to the Future of Advertising

No description

Daniel Fahrner

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Future of Advertising

Welcome to the
Future of Advertising

Pay Per Click

Why Advertise Online?
The Big Budget Shift
Which Platforms Should I Use?
Get Advanced:
Advanced PPC Tactics
The Basics:
How to Get Started
The Future of
Online Advertising
Who is
Dan Fahrner?
You can measure every interaction!
Scalable for all budgets: "Pay Per Click"
Quickly kick-start for last minute campaigns.
Compliments organic SEO strategy.
Retargeting is the new email marketing.
Target mobile audiences.
It's f$&king easy! (to manage)
1. Set your goals
2. Research: audience targeting
3. Develop messages & calls to action.
4. Segment targeting, build ads & launch!
5. Measure and adjust.
Retargeting: show ads to users who don't convert.
Mobile marketing: click to call!
Facebook custom audiences: use your email list to target Facebook users.
Promoted Tweets: these are PPC too!
Youtube: the wild west of advertising
Retargeting across platforms.
Responsive ad design.
Personalized ads (this already exists!)
GPS Geo targeted ads on our phones.
Siri serving paid responses.
Where does your audience spend time online?
Who is your customer? B2B or B2C
What are your business goals?
Which platforms are easiest to use?
Daniel Fahrner


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