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MasterPeace - official

Inspired by Ilco van der Linde - Created by Jonne Zweers for MasterPeace - Creating Peace. Together. www.masterpeace.org

Jonne Zweers

on 14 February 2012

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Transcript of MasterPeace - official

Making the MasterPeace Tools Concert Peace Village Art Project Local
Global Projects Most heartwarming At the feet of the Pyramids, Gizeh, Egypt Number 1 Artists 14 countries/areas of conflict Performing together, in pairs Global Broadcasting 21 September 2014 14 documentaries of truth, dare, fear, perception, doubts, chances Cairo, September 2014 1 week international peace building in the spotlights Talk shows, seminars, debates Catwalks, shows, RTV, exhibitions Mayors for Peace Congress Lectures, statements, world leaders Documentary Project Preparation each duo supported by older generation top musicians Reaching 2 billion people worldwide 28 Artists from 14 countries Creating MasterPeace Art Projects together Fashion Design Sculpture Poetry Photography Peace Boat Travelling exhibition 2014 - 2014 MasterPeace Clubs 2.0 website Educational Programs Scarcity of natural resources Fear for (economical) transformation Rising tensions between beliefs Silent majority / indifference / passivity State of Peace Why MasterPeace Sub Goals Passion Statement Masterpeace Core Values Ownership Co-Creation Walk your talk Positivity Just DO it! Your MasterPeace Just DO it
Start a project Support MasterPeace 2014-2014 MasterPeace Journey
(The Alchemist Alive) Become a MasterPeacer Measurable results 2 billion people reached
50 million web visitors
200.000 volunteers/supporters
4500 '2014 projects' involving
450.000 people
20 cities/50 neighbourhood involved in testing MasterPeace
100 schools/universities
100.000 studens involved in testing MasterPeace educational program
50% familiarity with International Day of Peace by 2015 nationwide
10.000 travellers towards MasterPeace Concert
180 MasterPeace clubs in 30 countries Huge MOVEMENT for PEACE MUSIC above fighting DIALOGUE above judging BREAD above bombs CREATION above destruction Travel to MasterPeace The Alchemist comes to life
Pilgrimage for Peace
Eye-catching (local media, documentaries, blogs)
Green (as little CO2 as possible)
New friendships in Middle-East = PEACE Masterpeace2014 @Masterpeace2014 www.MasterPeace.org Get ACTIVE and earn your invitation! Goals LESS armed conflicts NO nuclear arms EQUAL opportunities Creating a World with... Making the International Day of Peace known and top of mind (September 21) Involving millions of MasterPeacers Supporting peace building Recruiting 200.000 peace volunteers Putting spotlights on main conflict areas sustainable movement Bottom up movement Active involvement through Founding partners (Millennium Development Goals) With Mohammed Helmy at Dance4Life BID ID Award:
Most innovative idea Social Media Music Art
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