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Small Business Funding

No description

Sonya Gurley

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Small Business Funding

QuickSilver Funding Solutions
Basic Criteria for Funding
1) 1 Year in Business

2) 10K in gross sales monthly

3) Minimum 9 months remaining on lease

Banks Don't Lend We DO!
Bank requirements are too high

We look at cash flow not just your credit score

This is a New Business Model
This is not a traditional bank loan....This is

the traditional Interest & Principal loan,

cannot provide cash advance loans
Think Outside the Box of Traditional Bank Loans
Unsecured Less Paperwork
No Collateral Quicker Funding
Bad Credit OK!
No Application Fee

We are the Largest Alternative Financing Solution Providers Nationwide
We Provide Cash Lines and Loans. We have loaned over $250,000,000 to thousands of small businesses nationwide. Call Dwight Gurley today and see how we can help your business at (877)637-5222 ext 106.

Flat Fee For Money
No Interest

Lender takes a percentage of the business future credit/debit card sales

Need funding for your business?
Close in 2 business days
Need inventory or equipment
Meet Payroll
Restaurants and Retail
Medical Facilities
Trucking/Transportation Industry
Call Dwight Gurley at (877)637-5222 ext 106
95% of businesses that apply are approved!
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