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Agile Software Development

No description

Reihane Zekri

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Agile Software Development

How do team members communicate?
4 types of meeting!
Program Manager is responsible of meetings.
What is Agile?
Waterfall methodology isn't very convenient

Agile came to overcome problems of constant changes in the project.

In Agile all progress is done in multiple repeating cycles.

Stakeholders have an agent that is constantly in touch with the development team.

Features are represented as "user stories".
Any other point?
Oh! yes:

Agile has two parts:
XP: Stands for "eXtreme Programming" is software implementation in Agile.

Scrum: Taken from Rugby, is project management in Agile.

Agile Mentor is an expert person outside of the team, who guides the team to do the best job.

Every meeting has strict rules.
be on time.
No one may make fun of another person's idea.
What are phases?
Project time is divided into small chunks known as “Sprint”. Maximum length of a Sprint is 2 months.

The team has a list of user stories which is called “Sprint backlog”. Provided by the customer.
Product Owner (aka Product Manager)

Program Manager (aka Project Manager, Scrum Master)

Development team
Engineering Manager
User Experience Developer
QA Manager

They work together, so a developer may do some test and an analyst may do some code!
Who are Agile team members?
Agile Software Development
We know which task is more important than the other.

We estimate needed time to complete a task by our own experience and expert judge.

Storyboard or backlog can be arranged in multiple columns.

columns can be labeled in different way, like by time to complete or days of weeks or work in progress.
Sprint Planning Meeting
Meet at the beginning of every Sprint
Usually every two weeks

Longs for about 2-4 hours per week your Sprint has.

Has two parts:
Product owners talks about user stories

The team decides about backlog and how to develop user stories.
Daily Scrum Meeting

Just 15 minutes not more

Team members talk about their concerns, problems or the good job they have done!

Also known as "stand up meeting", no one can sit and talk, everyone have to stand up!
Sprint Review Meeting
Once per Sprint, usually at the end of it.

2-4 hours per week the Sprint has.

A simple and short demo of job is done during the Sprint and get feedback from stakeholders.

Unlike Daily Scrum, This meeting is intentionally very formal.
Retrospective Meeting
Once per Sprint, usually at the end of it.

3 hours long

After the "Review Meeting."

Think about how to improve the process.
December 2013

February 2010

August 12, 2008

May 2012
Course: Seminar
Prof.: Dr. A. Mohammadpoor
Student: Reihane Zekri
Semester: autumn 92
Storyboard with label
Storyboard with no exact label
Waterfall Methodology
Agile Methodology
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